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Последний раз enhanced potato выиграл 7 февраля

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  1. enhanced potato

    Hawg's 71 Mods Index

    don't get your panties in a bunch...
  2. enhanced potato Consumable,Shells,Equipment Informer

    complain about right english? that is a surprise for me ...
  3. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

    GeeMod Ready For Happy Hunting
  4. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

    GeeMod Ready For Happy Hunting
  5. did encounterd the same thing, and was just the same logging in for the first time, could imaging the size if you play a couple battles
  6. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

    Version 2.1.6 b [03.06.2018]Add:- TeamViewer Download Link on support/chat Window.Change- GeeMod check if GameApplication.exe available or not by pressing START BUTTON- optimize "new XVM Option" procedure. - optimize Language download / settingsFix:- option Window Size- Mainform isnt blocked if Option Windows open- Python upload function doesnt work without TeamV. ID- After DB Update actually mod selection was removed.- new xvm Options doesnt work with old .opt / .opt2 options together- Start Button doesnt work, if no xvm "auto_reinstall_config" available- Language Combobox are writeable.- Admin delete function doesnt add "delete string" in Server log file.
  7. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

  8. enhanced potato

    1.1.0 Hot Beach Party Login

    OMG.... This is the first mod, that i do not mind if the game sometimes crashes, lets hope that WG makes a mistake again with a patch soon
  9. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

    Version 2.1.5 [07.05.2018]Add:- "Server Change Windows" for "Add/Delete/Update" Server HistoryChange's:- Add better exception message's to the Log, in case of connection fail. - The Log Window will not more show MOD update informations- Faster update process- if you install xvm, xvm option window will popup at the end of installing.- GeeMod controll xvm / non xvm mods. And block selecting of mods in case of incompatibility - Cleaning Settings are Language translated too.Fix:- wrong progressbar text after "installing mods"- user xvm config settings will be overwrited after a XVM default Update.
  10. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

    GeeMod Ready For 1.0.1 Happy Hunting
  11. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

    Version 2.1.4 [14.04.2018]Changes:- Faster starting of GeeMod.exe- Faster download of "All Pictures"- you can allready interact during mod updates- Add a close / save Button to XVM Setting Form- Save Config will show the progress on Mainform. - Better install progress / end message'sFix:- Load Config, doesnt show finish message in log window.- Some Problems in case of: WoT installed but never startet.- Admin upload problem for new Mods- Admin upload remove automatic incompatible special chars from modname- Admin upload problem if /Admin directory doesnt exists.- A Problem if you change Wot Directoy.- "Dowload all Pictures" can be pressed two times and destroyed itself.- Wrong message by Loadconfig if mods/res_mods not selected in cleaning options.- Wrong options Windows size
  12. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

    GeeMod Update 2.1.2 - Fix: some TabStops for Admin settings- Fix: Admin can set options for "Optional" Mods.- Fix: GeeMod jump back to startscreen by pressing "Install"- Fix: GeeMod does not refresh the Modlist after Loading Config...- Fix: ADMIN Mod Updates fails by Mods with STATIC Options (Option2)- Fix: Mods will not deleted correctly if STATIC Options (Option 2) used.- Fix: GeeMod "Save Config" doesnt save GeeMod-Mod options.- Fix: Scrolling Bug by enable a mod in a Single Cats- Fix: Save Last Config did not save everytime- Add: XVM universal options (Server admin can create XVM Options)- Add: Multi Language support- Add: Python upload function for users.- Change the Main Caption for GeeMod Server- If a Option not selected, GeeMod show the Name of Option- GeeMod will close, if you start World of Tanks- GeeMod show the option "Download all Pictures" in case of missing text too
  13. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

    Thx it is a modpack, composed of ALL the best mods out there, so offcourse your mods have to be in there.
  14. enhanced potato

    GeeMod 2

    Hello you tankers I would like to introduce you to the new GeeMod Modpack. It is very easy to use and also has thumbnails / videos inside, contains a large collection of mods and it updates itself on startup. How does it work? 1. Start modpack 2. Select Mods (check on) 3. Press the INSTALL button 4. Play GeeMod Download What's new about version 2.1.1? - More options for mod options - New improved interface - Better overview, thanks to new options - Improved Load / Save Config function. Both GeeMod settings and in-game settings are included - Various bugfixes Fair play? YES We tried to keep the fair play rules and will continue to do so. Among other things, we have geared ourselves to the large existing modpacks. If you still could not find what could be described as "illegal", then of course we would remove it immediately. Virus? NO The GeeMod.exe is 100% virus / spyware free and can be started directly without an installation is necessary. If your antivirus complains so this would be a hoax. Create your own modpack with GeeMod? Yes that works, instructions and download can be found here
  15. enhanced potato

    something to laugh about

    here a couple "jokes" to set a good mood warning!!!!!! you may laugh your pants off (if you do not know them