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  1. Downloaded a new version of WOT Tanks and it worked fine. DL a new version of XVM and it crashes my router/internet connection every time. I have to reboot my computer to get the internet back. I then repeated the procedure. Totally deleted WOT, and directory, and DL a new version..worked fine. DL a new latest version of XVM and the exact same thing happens. Very strange: Router is IP-Link Archer c5400 with latest firmware, (20170912). It did NOT do this prior to the latest WOT update, just a few days ago. For now I'm running another NEW version of WOT becasue I couldn't figure out how to remove XVM, and Windows restore didn't work. Any suggestions? I will create another copy of the WOT directory, so I don't have to keep DLing it....lol Thanks Gary