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  1. i dont know but I'm doing this mod to learn and if in the next patch will change no problem, i will be ready to change again the sky if you see the ring of planet is not perfect espheric, and i dont know why
  2. Hi. I'm doing a skymod pack. But i have a big problem: when I put an esphere become not espheric. Anyone has an idea?
  3. Hello. I'm trying to made a sky mod, but I have a big problem. I change the sky texture (res\maps\skyboxes\86_Himmelsdorf_winter_sky\skydome\cloud_ring3.dds for example) and it changes the sky color but not all. In the horizon of sky always is blue. Anybody knows how can I change it?
  4. @ktulho Do you know how I can abreviate the names? Some of them are too long
  5. Hello everybody. I present HEAVY METAL music modpack. Whats this? Would you like to play listening heavy, trash, power metal? This is your modpack. Includes: - LOADING GAME MUSIC - HANGAR MUSIC - WIN DRAW DEFEAT - MUSIC DURING ALL PLAY (15 min) Bands like Dethklok, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rammstein, Kreator, Children Of Bodoom, Arch Enemy, Sepultura, Soulfly, Judas Priest, Slayer, Slipknott, Black Sabbath, James Dio, Holy Knights, Instanzia, Kamelot, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Manowar etc INSTRUCTIONS - DONWLOAD THE RAR FILE (.PCK) - EXTRACT THE FILE IN Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\audioww folder 199MB >>> DOWNLOAD LINK <<<
  6. Yes (thanks google trans). I did a big bnk file (externalmusicsources) 82mb and when i played the canons and another hit sounds silenced. He asked me about pck and the size. I reduced the quality of sounds (from 10 to 4) and the new file became 26mb. All right, but also i had an old folder which makes me a sound error in python log. I've erased. Finally i've changed the buffer memory of engine_config.xml. Now plays all right Spasibo
  7. Hello everydody! I present STARWARS music MOD made with Audiokinetic Wwise. This is an audio mod with some music from all movies of STARWARS Includes music for: - Loading screen of game - Hangar - Every battle in the countdown -WIN/DRAW/DEFEAT AN EXAMPLE OF TRACKLIST: AND MUCH MORE INSTRUCTIONS - DONWLOAD THE RAR FILE - EXTRACT THE FILE IN Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\audioww folder 26MB >>> DOWNLOAD LINK BEST OPTION<<< >>> DOWNLOAD LINK OPTION 2<<< MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU
  8. Прости .bnk file 26mb, res/engine_config.xml: <memoryManager> <defaultPool> 36 </defaultPool> <lowEnginePool> 24 </lowEnginePool> <preparedPool> 318 </preparedPool> <streamingPool> 6 </streamingPool> <IOPoolSize> 12 </IOPoolSize> </memoryManager> item_defs folder deleted.
  9. Ya esta, ya encontre el error. Uno muy absurdo. Ya rebaje el tamaño a 26mb, cambie el engine: <memoryManager> <defaultPool> 36 </defaultPool> <lowEnginePool> 24 </lowEnginePool> <preparedPool> 318 </preparedPool> <streamingPool> 6 </streamingPool> <IOPoolSize> 12 </IOPoolSize> </memoryManager> y borre una carpeta item_defs que tenia. Todo parece ok. Muchas gracias. Ya tengo mi StarWars sound pack
  10. Entonces debo convertir el banco en pck? Pero entonces la carpeta audioww del res_mods me lo cargara? He conseguido bajarlo a 26MB
  11. 82MB is too much? But also i've changed the engine_config.xml <WWISE_adv_profile> <memoryManager> <defaultPool> 12 </defaultPool> <lowEnginePool> 10 </lowEnginePool> <preparedPool> 106 </preparedPool> <streamingPool> 2 </streamingPool> <IOPoolSize> 4 </IOPoolSize> </memoryManager> I will try to change by <WWISE_adv_profile> <memoryManager> <defaultPool> 32 </defaultPool> <lowEnginePool> 200 </lowEnginePool> <preparedPool> 200 </preparedPool> <streamingPool> 200 </streamingPool> <IOPoolSize> 32 </IOPoolSize> </memoryManager>
  12. Hello guys. I'm spanish (sorry for my bad russian ). I did a Star Wars music mod (loading screen, hangar, battle's intro, win-draw-defeat), but I have a big problem because many times que guns, bullet impacts and explotions silenced. Anybody has an idea what happening? Events are ok, the soundbank too. I need to extract from pkg and paste in my project? I have to say Thank You
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