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  1. Yo, My buddy has been asking me to build a "some-$hit" to log a few things after every game: Dmg (lowroll, avg, highroll?) Killing shot (yes/no), to determine if it was lowroll or just fatable shot Which tier you are (top1 = playing against 1 tier lower, top2 = against 2 tier lower, bot1 = against 1 tier higher, bot2 = against 2 tier higher, middle = against lower and higher tiers, equal = all same tier) I am currently studying software development, but anything else than 'hello world' and micromanaging xvm mods to my own preference, is beyond my skills. Is there an easy way to build it? We could then argue whether we are more lowtier and hit more lowrolls than average. Now we need data to either support our conspiracy, or to deny it make us look like a fools! Thanks buddies, any help would be greatly appreciated.