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  1. Will there be an update to 2.8 soon...?
  2. There needs to be a better fix for the tank viewer as its still having an issue with ALOT of tanks not being able to be imported
  3. I cannot seem to load Tier 5-10 tanks is there something I need to do?!
  4. I am having a spot of trouble with the tracks of vehicles, they are there but they are invisible and cannot be seen but are selectable
  5. When will the next update be for the Warplane viewer xd?
  6. Is there a way to open the Leviathan and view it?
  7. Hello, I am British, so sifting through 86 pages of Russian is a little tiresome. On that note I want to ask how do you get the tank textures? As only the tank models come up for me ...
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