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  1. What the cause is for game crashes?

    Maybe wait till they update the mod to current patch, lol.
  2. Important update of WN8

    Interesting, do you have any ETA on that expanded website feature? I would love to have access to something that would calculate my recent in the manner that wotlabs does, but using xvm stats and colors.
  3. Disable ratings in battle via config?

    I had no idea! I've not even thought to check there. Thank you very much!
  4. Disable ratings in battle via config?

    the reason Im asking is that I don;t know which config file to edit, lol. I know how configuring XVM works, but I have no idea how to edit this particular thing I asked in my first post.
  5. Disable ratings in battle via config?

    ...fair enough, but how?
  6. Hello, I have a perhaps less common question, that is - is there a way that I could use the config files to make my in-battle display of teams completely vanilla, and only have the in-garage display of my own stats? I find it very distracting and detrimental to my performance if I see what stats people have, but I also like other xvm features like HP pools and all that; I only want to get rid of colors and stats displayed in game on the team lists and OTMs. Is there a solution to my problem? I'm familiar with a lot of configuration options but this one I just can't figure out at all.