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  1. Hi night_dragon_on, I'm not having success is using the script. For example, trying to use it to change an image based on the in-game setting doesn't work, unless I'm somehow using it incorrectly. I was using: "format": "{{py:isColorBlind=True?<img src='cfg://Aslain/TotalHPBar/TotalHPBar_GvP.png'>|<img src='cfg://Aslain/TotalHPBar/TotalHPBar_GvR.png'>}}" Which seems to always use the second image, regardless of the in-game color blind setting. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, Zavar
  2. Thank you so much, exactly what I was looking for!
  3. Hello everyone, Is there a way to determine the colorblind mode setting in the client? I have some XVM configs that I'd like to use specific colors, images, etc if the colorblind mode is enabled or disabled. Thank You for you help! Zavar
  4. I've edited nicknames on my blacklist to denote "special" player types. I've since cleaned up my blacklist, yet the edited names persist. Where is this information stored? How can I access it to remove the edits?
  5. Этот мод является фантастическим. Может ли кто-нибудь представить панель WGL в цветной слепой версии с цветом врага как 0x867DD5? Спасибо.
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