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  1. Which part are you looking to change? I've done a custom crosshair/aim circle that is loosely based on the vanilla client. crosshair_Controls.wotmod
  2. Hello there, I've been having some issues with the fragCorrelationBar not showing up properly in CW battles that have Fog of War enabled. See: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/38779-маркеры-панели-счета-py_macro/?do=findComment&comment=491530 Does anyone know if there is a way to detect if Fog of War is enabled for a battle, or if there is a python script that would help determine this? I would like to disable the fragCorrelationBar in my config in battles that have fog of war enabled, such as below: "enabled": "{{fogofwar?false|true}}" I know that I could potentially go through this and exclude all the potential battles types currently using fog of war, but these can change if the game rules change. Thanks for any help!
  3. I've been using this configuration for awhile and it has been fantastic. Recently I noticed in Clan battles, when fog of war is enabled, that the vehicle icons don't show up as vehicles are spotted. Example screenshot attached. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this an XVM issue or is it related to the fragCorrelationBar.py? Thank you for any help!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I've looked at these and they change the consumables icons, but don't change the hot-key text or color above the icon. I'm specifically looking to change the text color.
  5. Hi Folks, I find the numbers above the in-battle consumables panel difficult to read at times. Does anyone know if there is away to change the color of the text, from say black to white? If so, help in how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  6. I experience the same issue. You can bring the reticle back by pressing V twice (the 1st press will turn off all of the HUD, 2nd press will turn the HUD back on and the reticle should be there).
  7. Does anyone know if there is a way to show in the statistics form and/or players panels when players are using the vehicle modernization items (not specific one, just if using any) in Clan Wars? This shows on the vanilla client, but I can't seem to see if this is available with an XVM configuration. Thank You, Zavar
  8. Hello there, I've been trying to see if there is a py macro that can be used to show the damage done by each of my allies or enemys on the statistics form. I had thought that xvm.totalDamage would do it, however it seems that just returns that total damage that I've done. Is there a macro that would allow me to add this to the statistics form? Thank You, Zavar
  9. Hi night_dragon_on, I'm not having success is using the script. For example, trying to use it to change an image based on the in-game setting doesn't work, unless I'm somehow using it incorrectly. I was using: "format": "{{py:isColorBlind=True?<img src='cfg://Aslain/TotalHPBar/TotalHPBar_GvP.png'>|<img src='cfg://Aslain/TotalHPBar/TotalHPBar_GvR.png'>}}" Which seems to always use the second image, regardless of the in-game color blind setting. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, Zavar
  10. Thank you so much, exactly what I was looking for!
  11. Hello everyone, Is there a way to determine the colorblind mode setting in the client? I have some XVM configs that I'd like to use specific colors, images, etc if the colorblind mode is enabled or disabled. Thank You for you help! Zavar
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