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  1. Carousel filters (reserve)

    Sorted now, had to play with filters... Thanks
  2. I have set some tanks as reserve. There is no way to get them back. I have disabled the carousel in carousel.xc, uninstalled XVM, set the tanks I wand as Primary, then reloaded XVM again. There are tanks still missing as I assume the Set as Reserve Flag for the tank is in another file that overrides the Primary flag. I have also tried to add the Reserves filter (prefs) in Carousel.xc this doent work either. Any ideas, thanks
  3. Getting Rid of Depressing Stats

    Thanks.. you are a top bloke !!
  4. This panel has just appeared in the garage. It is depressing the shit out of me. Anyone know which config file turns it off, I don't use win8 enabled on XVM so just want to get rid. I was 14 battles to 46.5, now 60% after being in teams that have been massacred all week (15/0, 14/1, 13/2 etc. etc.) so it just depresses the shit out of me :-)