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  1. Hello, Recently i wanted to install friends voicepack into WoT using wwise. I found old template for 0.9.6 i think and its working kinda fine. Now I want to improve it to have crew say something when i get hit and other stuff. I tried using wwise project for 1.14.0 but i didn't understand much. I even followed tutorial posted here on forums but I don't get it how it can work with crew. I'm not sure how to connect my files with crew members for desired situation like being tracked and things like that. As I said, works fine with old template but some are just not working for some reason so would like to improve it. I would like someone to help me because I wanna learn more about these stuff as my hobby is music and love anything connected with it. I'm sorry if this is wrong section or stupid question to ask but i'm sure there is someone that can help me out. Thanks in advance.
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