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  1. Иконки статуса засвета противника

    yes is this. thanks so much again! np, I understand you, I am catalonian! regards.
  2. Иконки статуса засвета противника

    another question. how I can show the lamp all time that I stay visible. the tank lamp. thanks.
  3. Иконки статуса засвета противника

    hi, how I can delete enemySpottedMarker, I have looking for but do not found it. I do not like the lamp on the side. regards.
  4. Only see colors xvm

    muchas gracias! Lo intento, but it serves for future updates? recuerdos.
  5. hi friends, i would like see only xvm colors on WoT. you could tell me how do it? thanks so much
  6. How to let damage original panel

    hi friend, amazing! works perfectly, thank you very much, my friend. but I can not see the damage they do to me, is possible see it? regards.
  7. Hi, sorry for write in english but I am Spanish, my question is the next: How I can let damage original panel? Only want I see the colours of players all other functions such as the original game. How I can edit the XVM data to do it? Thanks so much and wait for your response. Regards.