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  1. Thanks @Golfer for Yours help to show Me New values on the xvm and Thanks very much @sirmax for Info
  2. @Mr 13 Hello. I have a small question to You. Im update my stats and now I have 2230 wn8.Im use 6 clors xvm team scale. Did you go new table scale? This https://modxvm.com/en/news/ratings-color-scale-recalculation-in-xvm-6-4-0/ color scale is not correct? Im Ask because I dont know why im not have blue color in game ?Im see in table blue color start in 2180 wn8 +What happend ? So im see in game green color not blue .
  3. Hello! after changes XVM to new scale all tank I did not have the problem before wit show my wn8 rating in game. Now I have all time old wn8 rating in game. Every time I update my statistics and new WN8 rating is not change , all time stile old. In all World of tanks Internet site show WN8 rating( wotlife.com. wotlabs, noobmeter) im see new My wn8 rating, so why not have update in XVM servers? Does anyone have any idea what to do? Can someone with xvm team help? Im play in EU server , my nik is saintseiya
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