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  1. Hello Dankers, Maybe a bit of backstory first... more than two years ago I released first version of my MoE image generator. It has become (and still is) the most popular thing on my website, so few months ago I decided to make a big update for it. Now, after A LOT of testing, everything seems to work fine, so I thought I would share with you. > Tank panels redesigned, to resemble the in-game tank carousel > Increased generation speed (special sorting method) > Migration from .png to .webp (shorter saving and loading times, reduced transfer usage) Example: Generator is free to use, but there are some additional features for Patrons: they can choose an account which will have the image hosted and updated automatically every day; they can also change size, tiers, minimum marks, etc. I also developed a Twitch extension, which can display Patrons' images. You can see some screenshots and full explaination here. If you are a popular (>50k followers for ENG/RU | >10k followers for other langs) WoT streamer or Community Contributor, feel free to contact me for free ID. The whole thing is available at herhor.net/wot/moe. Thank you for your attention! If anyone is willing to translate this post to Russian, I will be forever thankful.
  2. Dear XVM devs, I hope I can ask here. Also sorry for any mistakes. Recently I'm trying to design new player rating method, but I need statistics of "all" players for that. WN8 per tank per player would be enough, but I can calculate it myself from battle stats too. Even a list of all existing players' IDs would be a good start, so I can download their stats from WG API. Right now I'm interested only in EU server. Is there any way I can download that data from XVM database or get access by some API? Thanks in advance.
  3. It was also in playerPanels. I thought it works like "no stats for this player, exitting", but your version is better. Yeah, SHOULD. I can't find it in macros.txt nor readme-en.txt, maybe it doesn't work now?
  4. This was quite strange. When I used {{hp-max}} XVM threw error about letter H, looks like { are OK... But still bars were working normally, every had default 70px. When I used "{{hp-max}}" the bar was empty (I could see the number, but not background or bar). I will try tomorrow if it works with "70", if no, then just need to convert string to number, if yes, then I will ask dev about it.
  5. Maybe Im doing something wrong, but none of these works: "width": "{{hp-max}}", "width": {{hp-max}}, Is there any other place I could change it, instead of markersAlive?
  6. Hello, Is this possible to make one tank's hp bar wider than another's? I thought about something like backgroundWidth = maxHP/(2*vehicleLevel) so eg. Maus would have 3200/20 = 160px, churchill1 would have 700/10 = 70px and T1 would have 115/2 = 58px. Of course current hp would be: width = HP/(2*vehicleLevel) Is this possible?
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