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  1. Распаковка клиента Armored Warfare

    Windows 7 32-bit work with Dbgview and KmdManager in administrator mode and without digital signature. But referring to the following errors, APPKEY failed to obtain access to the gamedata.dat file. Error message: [3852] [0628/213947: WARNING: resource_bundle.cc (503)] local resources are not loaded [3852] [0628/213947: VERBOSE1: pref_proxy_config_tracker_impl.cc (218)] 21417280: set chrome proxy configuration service to 21417378 [3852] [0628/213947: VERBOSE1: pref_proxy_config_tracker_impl.cc (355)] 21417280: Done pushing proxy to UpdateProxyConfig [3852] [0628/213947: ERROR: proxy_service_factory.cc (130)] Can not use V8 proxy resolver in single process mode. Does anybody work for the program, or do I do something wrong? Because I do not start with Armored Warfare on Windows XP.