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  1. @StranikS_Scan:I need to change this during the compilation process. Before I overwrite the configuration each time the options are changed ... is it possible to specify the path to the configuration file for pjorion from the command line? @goofy67: That could work, i will check it out. Thanks
  2. Is it possible to control the options 'Bytecode->Protect->Lock attributes review and double import' & 'Exec only in WoT' from command line with arguments?
  3. You can try this as alternate MoE mod ttps://wgmods.net/4322/ Expected Vehicle Values: It shows marks on gun values and also inbattle WN8, expected damage for every tank and a lot more. The 1.10.1 update is currently in review by WG but you can get it from my developer page: https://wot.champi.de/
  4. @ЧАЙНИК try updating the gambiter GUIFlash library - gambiter GUIFlash Source
  5. Никакой специальной функции, это просто для информации. Он просто показывает сопротивление местности транспортного средства. Example
  6. Это было бы здорово. Но это должно быть во всплывающей подсказке треков
  7. I thought nobody ever noticed. Even WG accepted it that way. Done
  8. @ Spoterhow about to include both values? (990ms and 792 tracer speed)? spoter forgot to jump out of the for loop after data was added once
  9. If you guys don't need the display of the MoE value in the hangar you can try this version: Expected Vehicle Values - you can get it here: https://wot.champi.de/ and here: https://wgmods.net/4322/ i can display much more as just MoE. Shows expected vehicle damage, marks of excellence percentage, inbattle WN8 and post battle WN8 (at battle result window), spot-/track and block damage and many more infos in real time during the battle. Highly customizable @spoter: we all miss you - come back
  10. https://wot.champi.de/ название было сокращено до Tooltip Pro, но оно делает то же самое.
  11. Thank you! As you maybe already saw there's a fixed version of the MoE mod and the needed mods_gui by Oldskool around. So you can use this version and don't have to wait any longer.
  12. @yepev : sure, why not? the source code belongs to spoter. i would only update it for the latest wot client version. but i need the full source (this also include the flash source and in the best case with mods_gui, which normally only spoter can give me). I already sent him a message, maybe he answer me.
  13. @restick : Это скомпилированная версия, а не исходный код модификации
  14. I will, if spoter sends me the latest version of the source code
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