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  1. hi, i use xvm with some modifications on .xc files, there are also some friends who use my settings but a few of them use the new anonymizer feature. i want to ask, it is a way to add a macro to return a value if i am using Anonymizer? so, if i use Anonymizer, then my playersPanel.xc and markers.xc will load different configurations with lesser info to display. Thanks.
  2. Hi, i am trying to set a horizontal playersPanel config but i need some advise 1. for first screenshot, the order to display vehicles is from top tier to bottom tier and alive/dead. is there any way i can reverse this to: dead/alive bottom tier to top tier? 2. for second screenshot, i try to display vehicles by type on 5 lines (HT, MT, LT, TD, SPG). using alpha options i can let only one type visible on each line, but spared as in initial line. is there any option to order the vehicles by type? (HT ~MT LT TD SPG will be invisible with alpha 0~) (MT ~HT LT TD SPG will be invisible with alpha 0~) (LT ~HT MT TD SPG will be invisible with alpha 0~) (TD ~HT MT LT SPG will be invisible with alpha 0~) (SPG ~HT MT LT TD will be invisible with alpha 0~) Thanks. i am using this .xc files: playersPanel.xc playersPanel_none.xc
  3. 2 question about "Manageable bonus to experience" part of battle result (as fashion) 1. it is possible to set the background to be transparent? 2. can i edit my self, and if it's yes, how? thx
  4. hi, i have two questions, maybe you can help me: 1. how can i remove friendly fire damage i made (accidental shot or collision) from hitlog so will not show at all? 2. if i want to keep that damage, can that line be colored entire with a color by choice? (blue for example). thanks.
  5. i use worldoftanks.exe to launch the game, and it is connecting, but when i open WOTLauncher.exe the game updated and the issue with font was gone
  6. hi, is first time when i get this and i don't know how to deal with: i did some modifications in playersPanel to use other icons for vehicles (standard icons for tanks are removed from battleAtlas.dds) in english client of the game all is ok, but when someone with client in other language use my settings there is no icons (for me too if i change) The code lines are: "vehType": { "enabled": true, "x": 25, "y": 8, "width": 25, "height": 29, "valign": "center", "bindToIcon": true, "src": "xvm://res/icons/tanks/{{vtype}}{{premium}}.png" } how or why is this happening to other languages? how can i fix this? i know i can replace in battleAtlass the icons for every tank and that will work for any client, but is more simple to just use 4 lines and replace that work. Edit: found the fix. i replaced {{vtype}} with {{vtype-key}} topic can be closed. thx
  7. hi, i did a few modifications, maybe someone will find useful: (WinChance is from 1% to 99% regarding on own team, colored in green if >50% or red if <50% / no negative chances "-") EDIT: mod_wn8_chance.py (at line 101) EDIT: battleLabelsTemplates.xc EDIT: battleLabels.xc
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