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  1. NiseriuS

    [] [Fixed] Не работают шрифты

    i use worldoftanks.exe to launch the game, and it is connecting, but when i open WOTLauncher.exe the game updated and the issue with font was gone
  2. NiseriuS

    Language issue

    hi, is first time when i get this and i don't know how to deal with: i did some modifications in playersPanel to use other icons for vehicles (standard icons for tanks are removed from battleAtlas.dds) in english client of the game all is ok, but when someone with client in other language use my settings there is no icons (for me too if i change) The code lines are: "vehType": { "enabled": true, "x": 25, "y": 8, "width": 25, "height": 29, "valign": "center", "bindToIcon": true, "src": "xvm://res/icons/tanks/{{vtype}}{{premium}}.png" } how or why is this happening to other languages? how can i fix this? i know i can replace in battleAtlass the icons for every tank and that will work for any client, but is more simple to just use 4 lines and replace that work. Edit: found the fix. i replaced {{vtype}} with {{vtype-key}} topic can be closed. thx
  3. NiseriuS

    Team WN8 / Командный WN8

    hi, i did a few modifications, maybe someone will find useful: (WinChance is from 1% to 99% regarding on own team, colored in green if >50% or red if <50% / no negative chances "-") EDIT: mod_wn8_chance.py (at line 101) EDIT: battleLabelsTemplates.xc EDIT: battleLabels.xc