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  1. for all those interested: The author confirms he put adware into the mod on purpose, and he does not plan to remove it.
  2. It's a shame that this mod has been infected with adware and malware, many people liked it: I'd love to use it again when you remove the viruses.
  3. Thank you! I did not know that this existed; a single place to download all your mods. This is a gold mine! I do have one question, however: What exactly does PYSupport do? I saw this post: but i think some of the translation is wrong. All that I understood from the message is: -You want to get some money for your work, which is understandable. -It is an optional separate file. -You promise it is not a virus/malware/etc. -It will make a spot in the python log file. But unfortunately it only says that it "makes" 200kb of network traffic. What traffic does it make? Where does it connect? I am not accusing you of anything, I just want to know. I have been using your mods for years and wish to support you, but I would like to know what I am installing :)
  4. Hello, I see you have added a new file: PYSupport.wotmod, which only contains 1 python file. Can you explain what this file is? I tried to find it on your github but was unable to find any information. EDIT: Yes, it has the word "support" in it, so I have an idea, but can I get more detail? :) EDIT2: what is "AppreciationBadges.wotmod"?
  5. Willster419

    Looking for a mod similar to ExtraAimInfo

    never mind, found it...
  6. Willster419

    Looking for a mod similar to ExtraAimInfo

    Sorry, but I asked for a mod similar to "ExtraAimInfo" not the exact mod of "ExtraAimInfo". It was by another developer.
  7. Hello all, I am looking for a mod similar to this one: I remember seeing it about a year ago, on an old thread here for ExtraAimInfo, but the thread author deleted it. Does anyone know of the mod posted on that thread? Or any mods similar to this one? The only one i have been able to find that is similar is this: http://pavel3333.ru/мод_время_сведения/ Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
  8. Willster419

    Моды от Ekspoint

    Does his latest version still download ads? Haven't tested it myself yet. I don't want to ban his mods, but I will if i have to.
  9. Willster419

    Моды от Ekspoint

    @Ekspoint Can you please remove the ads from (I assume) are ekspoint core? ads like this: and this: also, many users are finding a bitcoin miner? is this you? or is it a certain "someone else" again not to mention the ads for "real sport capital" are promoting the violation of the WoT EULA.
  10. I can confirm that the fix works here as well. Tried different configurations, and they all worked without issues. On behalf of everyone in the modpack who uses this, big thanks!
  11. Oh, I thought I was the only one with the issue. It must be very rare then. When I tested with a few people, we went into a training room and ended the room with kill/cap, to bring up the "Victory!" sign. I can't speak for the other 5 or 6 people, but they said they tested in training rooms and did the same thing. What I have found additionally is that the graphics settings do not have any affect, it still crashed. If it helps, I can ask the testers for the graphics card type, or other info if you wish. There must be a common hardware type or software that causes this issue. It's the same setup as last test, so i assume you don't need the whole res-mods folder setup, picture, etc. let me know if that is not the case. python.log
  12. Sorry for delay I will try this later today and let you know. I also, for verification, asked several other people to test this mod, and no one has reported issues. So if this does not work, it sounds like it's an isolated issue with just my PC. I don't know where, but I will try to find it out and let you know.
  13. Unfortunately, the issue still exists. I still had a crash to desktop when I tested it today. I verified by downloading the new LampLights and LampLights_Headlight 10 mins ago. In the python log it shows version To make sure we are on the same page, I have already updated my video card drivers and ran the repair tool from the game center. Is there any other info about my pc that you need? New WinRAR ZIP archive.zip
  14. Sure thing, as a developer I understand how helpful log files, screenshots, etc. can be. They are the keys to debugging. I still have the second test installed, when I get home I'll run it again with the debug setting and report back. ---message two (for some reason, the website "merges" replies)--- as promised, I ran the two tests again with the debug setting on. Here's what happened: Test with debug models and spotlight - crash Test with debug only - no crash. The files - same idea as last time, but I also included some pictures from during the battle, in case they help. I really hope you can fix this mod, it is one of my favorite, and one of the popular ones in the modpack ;) mods_setup_only_debug.zip mods_setup_spotlight_debug.zip
  15. I agree, it was interesting. I ran two tests: Test one: only the base mod. It worked, no crash to desktop. Test two: with the spotlight again, it did not work, crashed to desktop at the end of the battle. I have provided two zip files for each test. They have: -My mods and res_mods folders exact files used during the test -The screenshot before pressing battle of the mods settings page, showing loaded configs, models, etc. -The python.log for each session. I also noticed a models debug file, if you would like, I can run the tests again with it enabled to help you debug. Just tell me what else you need to fix it, and I can help as quick as I can :) mods_setup_no_models.zip mods_setup_only_spotlight.zip