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  1. the changes that you attach in your posts, are they also in the public source code? https://github.com/rstarkov/TankIconMaker
  2. thank you for the update, much appreciated. +1
  3. do you not have a client you can test it on yourself? wouldn't it be quicker to test it in battle yourself?
  4. I was unaware you could set a timeout by double-pressing the set hotkey - i've always just held the key. However, i can confirm that the way I use it, it also does not keep the distance when switching modes. It's been like that as long as i can remember.
  5. This is not the name of this mod's python file, i think this is one of those automatic spotted indicator mods?
  6. According to the website: https://modxvm.com/en/download-xvm/ It has been almost 2 months since a Recommended (stable) XVM build was created. I wanted to know for future reference if they will be produced in the future, or if only nightly test builds will be supported. Thanks!
  7. Your mods are some of the most popular in the game. On behalf of my modpack users and myself personally as a user, thank you for providing your high quality work for the time that you did. One of the best mod creators in the community.
  8. understandable, this game is pretty bad over the last few years. Many of my modpack users enjoyed this mod and it will be missed. Thank you for providing it for the time that you did.
  9. I have been using it in 1.12 without issue. For the 1.12.1 common test, i do not know.
  10. I saw that, but that modifies the 2d "floor". I mean to modify the 3d "wall".
  11. Can I use this to modify the borders of a map? They are similar files, so maybe it's possible?
  12. Will this be updated to 8.6.1? Or, is it no longer needed (included in xvm by default)?
  13. @DrWeb7_1 im not sure if my translate software is taking out the link, but maybe you should put a download section to wgmods on the first post?
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