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  1. I have the NA client with the updated files. Do you want me to send them to you, or will you wait until the RU server is updated?
  2. Is an update needed for 1.10? Will there be one? Thank you for your work!
  3. Here's another thought. I've been told that the launcher as of this update defaults to starting the 64bit version of the game. Does this problem happen in 64bit only? Can you try 32bit?
  4. Is this mod still maintained? I think I've found a bug, but I'm still trying to figure out if it's XVM, this, or a combination. Here's the python log (attached) For some reason, it *only* happens in battles where it ends with you surviving, and i think in a victory. Very hard to track, I know. But as it happens I can post more logs here. I don't run many other script mods, just this, xvm, safeshot, arty splash penetration indicator. EDIT: here's 2 pictures of what happends at the end. Loading into the garage after the battle is blocked. It shows a list of vehicles in the battle, maybe there's one specific that's having issues? python.log
  5. I have not experienced this issue in 1.6. Perhaps it has disappeared. @night_dragon_on go ahead and close this. If it happens again on 1.6 I'll open a new one. Thanks for your time.
  6. Sorry, it was not clear to me from google translate. The bug does not happen often but I will try to catch it (with only xvm) and reply here. Separate question. what is the policy for if it is a mod conflict?
  7. The end result is that I am stuck in the garage, but with the battle UI overlay (minimap, crosshair, etc.). I have to end the game process from task manager. Running build 9263 on the NA server with Windows 7 64bit. The xvm.log file was blank, i assume not saved during the crash. Unfortunately, the game was in a crashed state so i could not get a screenshot either. I have attached my xvm configuration I was using at the time. The file also contains a python logs folder, containing the error happening on two days. It also has clipped versions of the log to try to help isolate the stack trace. If you need any other files or information, let me know I can try to provide best I can. Thank you for your work on this mod! :) xvm_config.zip
  8. I am glad that we are not taking this to a personal level. I want to offer an alternative view on the idea of a modpack developer, in hopes that we can find even ground. I can't change your opinion of modpacks, but I can offer you some facts. I can't speak on behalf of the RU server, but for the NA and EU servers, especially when it comes to modpacks, this statement is not true. Many larger modpacks, (specifically ones that allow for selection), are based on features, not developers. Here's an example from my modpack: Take note, that users can select different developers. Let's say, for example, PROTanki no longer allowed me to host his mod. OK, people move to the version by OldSkool. They don't go the PROtanki's website to download his version. This contradicts the idea of a modpack - "a collection of mods that can be quickley downloaded and installed together". Users of modpacks use them to literally not have to download from the developer's site. Here is another example that does not have to do with modpacks. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/562735-1401-1500-spotmessanger-v144-13-1222019/page__st__60__pid__15193564#entry15193564 (If you want more examples, i can probably find a few more) I am surprised that you would not want your mod hosted in a modpack. A modpack, for a developer, is a form of "earned media". https://contentmarketo.com/earned-media/ Think of it like "free promotions". A modpack is like a videogame label or distributor, like EA or Steam. By having your mod in a modpack, you are getting free exposure to tens of thousands of users that would else have not heard about your mod. Is this what you think of when you accuse modpacks of "stealing your fame?" (I am asking it in a genuine way, not to be rude). Again, I can't speak for all modpackers, but we don't do it for the fame, and certainly not for the money. We do it for the benefit of the community. I took over OMC and founded it on the idea of making mods available to all users who: A) - are not computer smart and can't install mods easily B) - do not want to spend hours and hours finding mods and trying to install and configure them "just right" Hosting a modpack is expensive, over 100+ USD a year. We have to pay for keeping a domain, pay for a file hosting server, pay for licensing of the server control panel software, and for SSL and code signing certificates. That's not including other miscellaneous expenses. And that's in money alone, not including the hundreds of hours that myself and my team put into maintaining the database and fixing bugs. In doing this with only having donations from users, it is simply not profitable. I don't do this as a job, but as a hobby. I personally have always though of modpacks and mod devs to have the agreement of "I the modpacker give you more users, and a link in the modpack that users can click to read more or donate. In exchange, you the developer allow me to host your mod, and you will keep it free of malware and ads." But, if you are trying to develop your mods "for profit", then I can 100% understand that you would be upset, and consider us to be "stealing your revenue". (But as a side note, this is a very small group of developers, most agree with the above). In summary, running a modpack is not a profitable business model. I don't do it for money. I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. It is a benefit for the community and give you, the developer, lots of exposure to new users. If you don't agree with this, then I'm sorry because I assumed you would see it as most other developers on the NA and EU servers. If you would like to bring another point to this discussion, then please do, I would love to hear it :) Willster419
  9. Funny seeing how I have given donations to @ShuraBB for his work. Maybe you should try to be more like him. in that case you will be happy to know it was removed from Aslain's and my modpack. Probably Buddyx69 too. @The Illusion he does have a point. He at least partly owns the mod as intellectual property. While I don't want to comment on the legalities with 100% accuracy, he does have a say in what happens with his mod and where it can be distributed. When I took over OMC modpack and rebranded it as Relhax, I took over the existing agreements set forth by the original modpack developers. If the original OMC team never contacted you to get your mod added, then I'm sorry, but i would not have known. Anyways, the mod and all references of it have been removed. If you decide to later revert to your original distribution method, then I will ask permission to add your mod. Best of luck with your mods
  10. I don't see an entry in the log for balcalc saying it's started. Seems like it was not installed properly? When loading into the garage, you should see a notification, "balcalc mod 9.19.x started"
  11. Asking if it works and saying it does not work after modifying the configuration are two different scenarios. I suggest you download and install it with the default configuration first, then try to modify it. Edit: Google translate seems to be shortening my message. If the above does not make sense let me know
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