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  1. I don't see an entry in the log for balcalc saying it's started. Seems like it was not installed properly? When loading into the garage, you should see a notification, "balcalc mod 9.19.x started"
  2. Asking if it works and saying it does not work after modifying the configuration are two different scenarios. I suggest you download and install it with the default configuration first, then try to modify it. Edit: Google translate seems to be shortening my message. If the above does not make sense let me know
  3. Hi @spoter, I have found a problem with marks on gun extended. Open the client, and launch a training room. You will see lots of python log spam: 2018-09-03 13: 44: 38.448: ERROR: Traceback (most recent last call last): 2018-09-03 13: 44: 38.448 : ERROR: File "scripts / client / game.py", line 564, in handleKeyEvent 2018-09-03 13: 44: 38.449: ERROR: File "scripts / client / gui / InputHandler.py", line 30, in handleKeyEvent 2018-09-03 13: 44: 38.449: ERROR: File "scripts / common / Event.py", line 44, in call 2018-09-03 13: 44: 38.449: ERROR: File "hru-hru", line 809, in ĒĒ "ퟬ 薨 ܍ 2018-09-03 13: 44: 38.449: ERROR: File" hru-hru ", line 1089, in setupSize 2018-09-03 13: 44: 38.449: ERROR: File" hru-hru ", line 1032, in updateObject 2018-09-03 13: 44: 38.449:ERROR: KeyError: 'Panel' 2018-09-03 13: 44: 38.652: ERROR: [EXCEPTION] (scripts / common / Event.py, 46): Traceback (most recent call last): File "scripts / common / Event.py", line 44, in call File "hru-hru", line 797, in ĒĒ "ퟬ 薨 ܍ File" hru-hru ", line 1089, in setupSize File" hru-hru ", line 1032, in updateObject KeyError: 'Panel' Can you please verify and fix this? Thank you!
  4. for all those interested: The author confirms he put adware into the mod on purpose, and he does not plan to remove it.
  5. It's a shame that this mod has been infected with adware and malware, many people liked it: I'd love to use it again when you remove the viruses.
  6. Thank you! I did not know that this existed; a single place to download all your mods. This is a gold mine! I do have one question, however: What exactly does PYSupport do? I saw this post: but i think some of the translation is wrong. All that I understood from the message is: -You want to get some money for your work, which is understandable. -It is an optional separate file. -You promise it is not a virus/malware/etc. -It will make a spot in the python log file. But unfortunately it only says that it "makes" 200kb of network traffic. What traffic does it make? Where does it connect? I am not accusing you of anything, I just want to know. I have been using your mods for years and wish to support you, but I would like to know what I am installing :)
  7. Hello, I see you have added a new file: PYSupport.wotmod, which only contains 1 python file. Can you explain what this file is? I tried to find it on your github but was unable to find any information. EDIT: Yes, it has the word "support" in it, so I have an idea, but can I get more detail? :) EDIT2: what is "AppreciationBadges.wotmod"?
  8. Sorry, but I asked for a mod similar to "ExtraAimInfo" not the exact mod of "ExtraAimInfo". It was by another developer.
  9. Hello all, I am looking for a mod similar to this one: I remember seeing it about a year ago, on an old thread here for ExtraAimInfo, but the thread author deleted it. Does anyone know of the mod posted on that thread? Or any mods similar to this one? The only one i have been able to find that is similar is this: http://pavel3333.ru/мод_время_сведения/ Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
  10. Does his latest version still download ads? Haven't tested it myself yet. I don't want to ban his mods, but I will if i have to.
  11. @Ekspoint Can you please remove the ads from (I assume) are ekspoint core? ads like this: and this: also, many users are finding a bitcoin miner? is this you? or is it a certain "someone else" again not to mention the ads for "real sport capital" are promoting the violation of the WoT EULA.
  12. I can confirm that the fix works here as well. Tried different configurations, and they all worked without issues. On behalf of everyone in the modpack who uses this, big thanks!