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  1. So technically I can use the .as files, compile them and replace them as it's said in this tutorial and I do not even have to mess with this assembler. Let me check. So yeah nope. However I have found the xvm sources which contain the .as3proj files. But still no joy. XVM does not contain helpt and speed info. Do you guys have any idead how can I get my current healt and speed the easiest way?
  2. Hello guys! I am working on a small display which needs the speed and the current and max HP of the tank! I can get these information from the battle.swf file so I can work my way from there, there is no problem with that. My problem is: 1, I can decompile the file using the "Flash Decompiler Trillix" 2, I can make changes to the sources 3, Cannot recompile it back to swf using Adobe Flash. 1020: Method marked override must override another method. Warning: 1060: Migration issue: The method fscommand is no longer supported. Moved to... So I have checked it came up even if I have not touched the original file, I have tried the battle.swf from the xvmxxxx.zip and it gives me the same error. What should I do? What tools do you guys use to change the battle.swf? Thanks for helping me out. Zoszko
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