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  1. Rodma

    I see badly the badges in battle

    I mean is not the fault of the xvm, if not the MOD of the icons? Thank you. I just checked it and it's the MOD's fault of the icons. I use the xobotyi_by_galagan-dlya-wot and although they update the icons of the tanks it seems that the insigneas do not
  2. Hello: Because in the outcome of the battle, I see the badges: And during the loading of the game or in game I see those red squares? It can be fixed? Thx
  3. Rodma

    Empty Battleloading screen on xvm-7.7.7

    Pproblem is WG Solution https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/47686-error-in-battleloading/
  4. Rodma

    Error in Battleloading

    Ok, Thx
  5. xvm.log python.log I have tried removing the other MODS and only with the XVM it fails me the same Thanks
  6. Rodma

    Build 8401 bugs - font issue?

    I do not even start the game . Only xvm and it does not start
  7. Rodma

    WinChance no run

    Thanks, it works. I had this and it did not work, I do not understand
  8. Rodma

    WinChance no run

    I already had it activated, but it still does not work
  9. Can someone tell me how to make the winchance work? I see that there are people that work for him Thank you
  10. Rodma

    Auto camouflage

    ok Thaks
  11. Rodma

    Auto camouflage

    Hello: Above all forgive my English :( Is there the possibility that the same camouflage can be disassembled and assembled in the new vehicle as it happens with the equipment? Thank you
  12. Rodma

    Suggestion: New Flag

    Ok. The idea was like when an athlete competes in the Olympics and carries the Olympic flag, but if you give the option of without a flag to me it seems great. Thank you very much.
  13. Hello: Would it be possible to include a flag (eg the UN, unicef or any other that does not represent anything) that serves to be able to put in the xvm, since I am not feeling comfortable with my country by the police charges of the last days? If not, delete it immediately. Thank you Note: I would like to include Catalonia, but I know that it will not be posible.
  14. Rodma

    Repair, remove decimals

  15. // Repair timer for tracks // Таймер ремонта сбитых гусениц "repairTimeTracks": { "$ref": { "path":"def.defaultTimeItem" }, "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "PY(ON_TRACKS_UPDATE)", "x": 177, "y": -147, "format": "<b>{{py:repairTimeTracks%0.1f}}</b>" }, Hello I would like to remove the comma by deducting the repair time. I'm not a programmer but I'm doing what I can. I think changing %0.1f by %2d can work (now I'm not at home to try it out) Can someone confirm me Thank you so much