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  1. I am getting tiny black lines displayed on the minimap, on the camera direction and on my own tank. Those lines are probably the very top of the contour icons that are in battleAtlas. (Hard to see, but more noticeable in battle, screenshot quality is a little bad) (Using 062, b207) Aslain has been helping and messing around some and found that there might be some issue with the PersonalArrowEntry element Okay, so it seems there's just an issue with the way TIM is creating the battleatlas files. At least for me, doesn't seem to happen to Aslain's own icon projects. When the "broken" battleatlas file from TIM is cut up with CCAtlas, and no changes are made other than just reassembling it from the same files, the black lines are gone.
  2. The carousel macro {{v.camouflageCount}} is returning '3' for all tanks now. (Test subject only had nation emblems, also tried removing those, leaving the tank bare) Probably broken when WG did their camouflage/style changes in 1.9.1, only just noticed it. Did not try out the season specific macros: {{v.camouflageSummer}} {{v.camouflageWinter}} {{v.camouflageDesert}} but I would assume they are affected too.
  3. Voted no because I don't need a chatbox showing me a link to a place I already know where to go to, if there is ever any bugs, and I have not encountered any so far. (I hope English is fine as well for a reply)
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