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  1. Attached the replay and full default config, with vehicleIcon disabled, with same result as in 1st post. 14741260964492_ussr_Observer_murovanka.wotreplay My second problem is observers has defined 90 HP in game's xml file. When the battle started, they killed, but thats does not interest for me. Grab a default config, and do the math. Ally team has 12300 HP, but totalHP shows 12750, because in this battle has 5 observer with 5*90=450 hp EDIT: wrong attached image default.zip
  2. Hi Guys! I made an xvm config specially for observers, and i have 2 problems (now): - Observers icon stays visible, even if i am disabled the vehicleIcon in markers - Observers hp (90) is calculated in the teamhp XVM version: (6505_a68f3a894600_xvm) P.S. : i know a not so industrial grade workarounds for these problems, but thats not in the upstream version.
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