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  1. XVM and wotmod files

    Hi there, I made a little modding of the carousel and use new vehicle icons as well as new background icons. Now I want to put all files in the new wotmod format. The vehicle icons are placed in gui/maps/icons/vehicle. The other icons are placed in mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/icons. I know, I have to put the vehicle icons in folder /res and pack it to a wotmod (zip file). But where do I have to put the icons placed in mods/shared_resources/... ??? Is it possible to put XVM files in a wotmod, at all??
  2. carousel icons depending on last camo

    thanks for the quick info would be great to see the feature in a future version
  3. Hi there, got a very special question. Actually it's possible to set the camo of all tanks to the last selected one. So that any tank (3D Model) in garage has for example the winter camo. Is it possible to read this setting and fetch it over to XVM to also set different carousel icons depending on selected camo? My idea is to make three folders (winter, summer, desert) with the little tank icons (160x100) each folder with a differrent camo pasted on the icons. Is this possible with XVM? regards DEbranded
  4. FlagLibs template

    thanks ____P_H_A_R_A_O_N_, but... these pics I do have. I'm searching for a template with the transparency or the special WG backgrounds. thanks so far
  5. FlagLibs template

    Hi there, is there any way to get a "template" (e.g. photoshop psd file) for the flags in FlagsLib.swf? I want to change some flags to different ones but have problems with the transparency used by wargaming... kind regards DEbranded
  6. Thanks a lot. Works like a charm.
  7. Sorry for englisch... but I'm not used to russian. I want to add a background if tank is autoloader. Is this possible? In TIM I only found option to set asterisk (*) if autoloader (text: properties // текст: свойства --> HasDrum/TopGun) but no way to set background. thanks in advance DEbranded
  8. chance to get uncut hangar icons?

    @soulza: thanks a lot, I will try the tank inspector
  9. chance to get uncut hangar icons?

    Misunderstood me. I know where the icons are located and how to edit them. I want full icons, without cut edges. These are not in gui.pgk...
  10. chance to get uncut hangar icons?

    Yes, you got me right. I need images like this: But I want them as FULL image. The vehicle without cut edges. Is there any way to get those?
  11. Hi there, don't know, if this is the correct part of the forum (but 3d models seems also not correct)... Does anybody have or see a chance to get the tank icons in carousel WITHOUT beeing cut at some edges? I want to make new hangar icons but want them to be fully visible and uncut. kind regards DEbranded
  12. battleLoading - different icons for ally and enemy?

    Thanks demon2597, this one helped. Now everything works as wanted... regards DEbranded
  13. battleLoading - different icons for ally and enemy?

    Hi konrad509, thanks for your quick answer. I did exactly what you wrote... but then the game fetches the original contour icons. any idea?
  14. Hi there, is it possible to set different icons for ally and enemy (tank icon with text for tank name and tier) in battleLoading screen as it is for playerPanel with the different atlas files? Is there any kind to configure it in battleLoading.xc or iconset.xc? When I just set different folders in iconset.xc for contour/ (e.g. contourLeft and contourRight), the game just takes the icons placed in contour/ thanks in advance
  15. Dear steaxch, how can I reach you? Got a question concerning the use of your great camouflage icons... regards DEbranded