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  1. Show Gunmark / Gunmark percentage in carousel?

    That icon is default in game, i don't use the carousel from XVM, i have disabled it, WG did some changes to the carousel a few patches ago, don't remember when exactly. Go to settings under general tab scroll down to vehicle panel and check the box. (look at picture).
  2. Error in mission menu.

    Yes, it was mod that was not updated. I feel so stupid right now, after i removed all files related to this mod : 'mod' the mission menu works fine now, i have related this tread to the maker of the mod. Thanks for your time and the guideline, you have helped me so much. Best regards Nilsenth
  3. Hi this is my first post here on the forums and i just want to report on a error in the mission menu using XVM Revision : 7614, text in the menu gives me this error( look at pictures) when i start the game in safe mode i have no errors (using no mods). Thank you for reading my post and if there is anything else that is needed from me, logs or anything just let me know. Best regards Nilsenth xvm.log python.log
  4. Datetime in an odd language

    Did the same, it is in order now.
  5. Datetime in an odd language

    I am interested in this to, i have the same issue, i am running Windows 7, English, my local language in regional settings is Norwegian.

    i will jump on this too, this is ho my clock in garage looks like, but i like to have it in english.
  7. How do you get ALLY Spotted/Unspotted Icons to work in PP?

    Here is my playerPanel.xc i use only the default one but here it is, also i have my complete configs folder here to, if you need anything else just let me know. playersPanel.xc configs.zip
  8. How do you get ALLY Spotted/Unspotted Icons to work in PP?

    hmm, just to be clear, it is this you are talking about, i have marked it on the minimap and in the PP.
  9. How do you get ALLY Spotted/Unspotted Icons to work in PP?

    I just go to settings in xvm site top bar and activate XMQP. This works for me. When i did it last time i got the spotted icon on the minimap as well. But i use the latest default config. Best regards Nilsenth
  10. Music in blownUp

    Ask him her perhaps for more relevent answer ? you sade it was from hes modpack. 'Wargaming forums'
  11. transparent mini map

    Have you tried to adjust the slider in game settings to see if that will help? look a picture. Best regards nilsenth
  12. I have a weird icon in the play panel

    This is what i did to remove that Top Tanker badge, i deleted the folder top_tankers in res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\icons probably not the best way to do it but it works for me. Best regards nilsenth
  13. Postmortem playerinfo

    i just hold Ctrl and click in the playerlist to select tank to view.
  14. xvm mod not work

    Go to res_mods folder and copy content in in to the new folder. This worked for me. There was a micro patch today.
  15. Vanilla DamageLog Summary missing with newer XVM versions

    Open damageLog.xc and scroll down to "disabledSummaryStats": false, change from true to false. To move the XVM log open battleLabelsTemplates.xc and scroll down to "damageLog": { "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "PY(ON_HIT)", "x": 310, "y": 0, play with the X and Y values until you are satisfied