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  1. Thanks for the reply . Python is out of my reach .. . Where can I find this file? It's just my guess, but maybe changing the value of __development__ in __version__.py to false does the trick.
  2. understood .. but I wanted to know in which was the file to modify this because using a non-stable version and not having bugs .. I never update until I'm forced sorry english ... Merry Christmas and thank you
  3. Aslain manages to remove the written part I highlighted .. so I presume it is in some xc of xvm... john D Smith.. https://nightly.modxvm.com/
  4. Good evening, where I can remove the word Warning and the rest written below .. Thanks for the reply
  5. Hello everyone, a friend of mine asked me if it is possible to change the position of these statistics panel ... I ask for help .. Thanks for the reply
  6. Hi, sorry English .. I would like to increase the text, could someone tell me in which file xc I have to go? .. Thanks for the reply
  7. Hi, sorry as always my English .. I saw that they changed a lot of things in the files xc .. I have a problem with the file Hitlog.xc . I have to insert these strings that you see in the screen, but honestly I don't know where to start. I insert my file xc , if someone helps me I'm happy otherwise it's ok anyway. thanks a lot. hitLog.xc
  8. Thanks, I thought it was my problem
  9. Goodmorning everyone, sorry english I wanted to ask if there is an apparent reason that the flags of nationality have practically disappeared .. If you look I do not even see mine and this happens for about a week.. Thanks for the answer and good weekend everyone
  10. I apologize because my English is not correct Google traslate :-)
  11. Goodmorning everyone, I want to change color when I get hit by an ally. I have to change Color.xc Or I have to change DamageLog.xc Thank you and good Sunday. Sorry English
  12. Great. that I must tell, thank for the time allowed and I made you lose .. You were very kind. my english sucks, sorry
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