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  1. Hi, sorry English .. I would like to increase the text, could someone tell me in which file xc I have to go? .. Thanks for the reply
  2. Hi, sorry as always my English .. I saw that they changed a lot of things in the files xc .. I have a problem with the file Hitlog.xc . I have to insert these strings that you see in the screen, but honestly I don't know where to start. I insert my file xc , if someone helps me I'm happy otherwise it's ok anyway. thanks a lot. hitLog.xc
  3. Thanks, I thought it was my problem
  4. Goodmorning everyone, sorry english I wanted to ask if there is an apparent reason that the flags of nationality have practically disappeared .. If you look I do not even see mine and this happens for about a week.. Thanks for the answer and good weekend everyone
  5. I apologize because my English is not correct Google traslate :-)
  6. Goodmorning everyone, I want to change color when I get hit by an ally. I have to change Color.xc Or I have to change DamageLog.xc Thank you and good Sunday. Sorry English
  7. Great. that I must tell, thank for the time allowed and I made you lose .. You were very kind. my english sucks, sorry
  8. Hi, thanks for the availability .. your element.xc is different than mine .. I tried to edit with Win Merge but nothing changes in the game. If you want to waste time, place mine .. In any case, I thank you again. the file is original version Xvm Eu 7.7.0 Sorry english elements.xc
  9. Hi, you can insert your elements.xc file .. I'm not practical. Thank you
  10. Thank you :-) Only for proof .. now I use different colors
  11. I was wrong, right ?. I tried to change for testing but it always makes me see white I'm a beginner :-(
  12. I apologize, I expressed myself badly I wanted to change the colors of the words AP-APCR-HE example = AP = White APCR = Blue HE = Red
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