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  1. Last nightly build was 6-3-21 Last update was 4-29-21
  2. I log on, start a battle, the clock starts and at between 10 and 6 game locks up to Not Responding and I am 7.7.3 is it XVM that causes this?
  3. Are you going to roll out a new download? Because this one don't work.
  4. Top bar on homepage missing, cannot update, Using Google Chrome, Tried IE and a couple of more, all fail
  5. you have to uninstall previous version of XVM manually, and after that install new one, it worked for me~~
  6. This is not the zip file, I don't use the zip file. I keep getting this error
  7. This has happened before and it was coming from the XVM end. I really need this fixed. Please. Just added the last image of what it's doing now. I have no connection issues at all. Submitted this issue to my internet company, had a tech log onto my pc and it is not blocked on my end.
  8. I have no other PC, phone or tablet This is what Firefox shows
  9. No proxy, same firewall as usual and same anti virus, firewall is windows and anti virus is AVG
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