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  1. GUIFlash e sorce v.0.3.2 gambiter.GUIFlash(and sorce).zip
  2. Bearing in mind that the spoter no longer updates the mods, here is MoG for version in the zip file there is the compilation and the source code. mod_marksOnGunExtended.zip
  3. Correction for Dispersion Circle... @hook(VehicleGunRotator, 'setShotPosition') def setShotPosition(func, self, vehicleID, shotPos, shotVec, dispersionAngle, forceValueRefresh=False): if config.data['enabled'] and config.data['UseServerDispersion']: if self.__clientMode and self.__showServerMarker: return func(self, vehicleID, shotPos, shotVec, dispersionAngle, forceValueRefresh) markerPos, markerDir, markerSize, idealMarkerSize, collData = self.__getGunMarkerPosition(shotPos, shotVec, self.__dispersionAngles) self._avatar.inputHandler.updateGunMarker2(markerPos, markerDir, (markerSize, idealMarkerSize), SERVER_TICK_LENGTH, collData) return func(self, vehicleID, shotPos, shotVec, dispersionAngle, forceValueRefresh)
  4. Hmm oky... thx... now i will try take the field from file
  5. Where can I find the calculators, please?
  6. good to everyone, it would be possible for someone to provide the formulas for these ratings. to be used in python. Thank you very much
  7. @Kotyarko_O iamSpotted sometimes does not work correctly, simply the message is not shown, it seems to be random. Any idea? nothing appears on the registers.
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