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  1. Oh that sucks :S \ Been having trouble with the Modeler saying that it can't find the visual files that's odd since the visual file is in with the primitive file? If ya wondering yea the latest patch is 0.5.5 so yea 2 or 3 patches since coffee updated his Model Viewer.
  2. Hello RUS their was alot of changes to WoWS so now the Coffee's Model viewer no longer works and no way of knowing if he will come back. I am wondering are you still gonna add the WoWS portion of the importer for Blender? Been trynig to import the ships to blender and it wasn't working mostly when I imported the primitives file it did nothing and no model showing up when I used the import-export Bigworld Model plugin. Hope ya can help me out.
  3. Hello everyone the last topic was really old so I though open a new topic about the Model viewer that Mike Overbay (aka Coffee) created. I have been trying to contact him for a while and no response so I though I wonder if I can get help here. I have been having trouble loading a ship file from the Model Viewer I followed the instructions and when I load a primitives file and get an error. its stating: can't find D:\World of Warships\res\content\gameplay\germany\ship\crusier\GSC010_Yorck_1942\GSC010_Yorck_1942_Bow.visual file... Incase if you guys wondering with the new patch they compress the files I decompress them and put them into Res file so I know were the primitives files but its showing this error that it can't find the visual files not sure whats going on but wonder if you guys can help and if its a coding problem can ya guys help me with that?
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