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  1. 2. try. ok. now works for me too, at least. cant explain the fault.. maybe .. wrong folder or something else works fine - thx
  2. Hm.. doesn´t mirror icons on loading screen and combat zone. tried both files (clear/noclear) Where is my fault ?
  3. Im sorry. this doesn t work too. dont know why ....no effect it worked till 9.15. folder "contourAlt" with mirrored -png files in 0.9.15/gui/maps/vehicle/.. and the 2 mod_zessm files in 0.9.15/scripts/client/mods/.. Damn, what is wrong...
  4. Sorry guys.. it doesnt´t work for me. tested without other mods... but had no effect on playerspanel and statistic form (TAB) game doesnt get my mirrowed icons. (Alticons) i put the script file here: 0.9.15/scripts/client/mods/ Anyone idea whats wrong ?
  5. Hi. 2. works fine, thx.. but 1. not. Tryed all 3 modes in config file: 0, 1, 2 - but doesn´t display event tanks. like Patton KR, Rudy, Crommwell B, etc. all other options are TRUE. How can i get it to display these tanks ? (They are using same tank number in the name like the "normal" tanks, maybe this is the problem for display ?) PS: I´m sorry. Everything fine. i checked up "the store" and found it working.. many thx !!!!
  6. Hi. I´m from european server. I like "SHOW ANY TANK" very much, it is helpful for skinning tanks. Two questions: 1. I noticed, that not all tanks are able to dislay, like the special tanks Pz 58 Mutz, Patton KR, Rudy.. etc. Maybe in that cases cause of the same tanknumber like the "normal" tanks? Is it possible to fix that problem to show ALL playable tanks ? 2. Is it possible to insert function to show tanks with variable guns and turrets ? (Badly needed for skinning, ..since WOT Tank Viewer from rextimmy doesn´t work anymore) Would be nice...
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