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  1. Some of the items in the configs are obvious and some are not. Some just look like gibberish. While I'm sure if I spent a few weeks screwing with it I could probably get it back to working the way I had it before 9.14, I don't have the time. Basically I'm good with WoT mods if they are available to all players. Without an editor this one is not. Ragnar
  2. Without an editor the utility of XVM is severely diminished. It is great that many posters on this site speak English, however since they post in Russian it really doesn't matter what other languages they "speak". The forum is not a substitute for an editor. Ragnar
  3. Considering that I do not speak Russian or HTML, XVM is now effectively dead for my purposes as I have no way to configure it. Is there an editor coming out for the 9.14 version? Am I missing something? I suspect there is useful stuff on this website but there is no telling what or where it is for non-Russians. WTF? Ragnar
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