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  1. Thanks for the update, but TIM does not load the files from the EU Wot directory. Here is the error report: Thread: Main Exception: WotDataLib.WotDataException Message: Could not parse game data for country "usa" ... bei TankIconMaker.MainWindow.ReloadData(Boolean first) in MainWindow.xaml.cs:Zeile 396. Exception: System.InvalidOperationException Message: Only dict values can be converted to dict. ...
  2. battletype stronghold

    Hello Maxim, with nightly 7244 it works. Thank you!
  3. battletype stronghold

    Has possibly one of the XVM developers an idea whether in XVM something needs to be adjusted or what else could be?
  4. battletype stronghold

    ...the question is only what is wrong. With training it works so basically everything fits only this gamemode is not recognized.
  5. battletype stronghold

    Yes i have tried it, but it does not work :(
  6. battletype stronghold

    Thank you for your reply unfortunately has not helped me so far. I've tried it with "sortie_2" and as below with the two new Stronghold ids with and without "_" but it does not work just "training" works. my own gamemode.xc text.xc
  7. Since the game mode division in the Stronghold probably no longer recognized. So far it was under battletype "Sortie" knows someone as the mode is now called or whether it is perhaps just a bug of xvm?
  8. DamageLog {{type-shell}} does not work?!

    Thanks you, problem solved. can be closed
  9. DamageLog {{type-shell}} does not work?!

    Here is the damageLog.xc damageLog.xc
  10. I have added the macro {{type-shell}} to "formatHistory" in the vanilla damageLog.xc, but it is not displayed. Can someone confirm this or does it work with someone? Tested with xvm 6.4.7 release
  11. custom sixthsensesound sound.xc in 0.9.14

    is there a way to get an answer?
  12. custom sixthsensesound sound.xc in 0.9.14

    Same problem here... there is a plan the old system, adapted to the new sound system from wot?