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  1. Если вам надоела стандартная картинка: Вы можете изменить это. Просто установите свое фото так для этого нужно создать папку personal_reserves res_mods > > gui > maps > icons > personal_reserves Translated by Google translator
  2. @Kurzdorthank u for fast replay... Now we know... Sad.. Greetings..
  3. Hello everyone.. 2 Years ago a Man called @night_dragon_on post a topic: https://kr.cm/f/t/55266/c/480611/ (i think he is not active anymore) Im just wanna see Tank names on Tank list, colored: On Carousel this is possible, and looks like this: It will be great to see those Tank list colored again. Btw. Thx for All replays... Greetings
  4. В папке \res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\icons\boosters\basic есть файл free_xp_and_crew_xp.png? Nope... i Will check later @ktulho you were right. A picture was missing.
  5. Hello Soory for English here.. I Dont know why, but icons not shown: As u can see i have active reserve and on the left side not shown icon only time.. here is my Booster xc: boosters.xc Any sugestion?? Edit: 1. Ive noticed that on the left side Icons are not those which should be.. They change sorting Criteria?? 2. On The batlle Not shown Anything:
  6. @HEKPOMAHT Exactly.. Thank u very much... We can close a topic....Once again thank u..
  7. @HEKPOMAHTthank u for fast reply... Im sorry but this is not this what i want... i mean This script shows in hangar, numbers of grinding fields mod on tank... on this sign was numbers...
  8. Hello fellows tankers.. Last time i see some of u made a script to show numbers of field mods on tank... I cant find where is this.. Sorry for using english... I will be greatefull for helping me to find... Greetings
  9. @Darkwolf3802 If u are using anomyzer u would not see stats... Describe your problem, then we will try too help u
  10. @HEKPOMAHT thx a lot bro.. This Line makes me crazy... and now it looks Perrrfffect: My Config lIne Looks like this now..: "format": "{{py:math.sub({{py:sp.allyFrags}}, {{py:sp.enemyFrags}})>0?<font color='#FFFF00'>&gt;</font>|{{py:math.sub({{py:sp.allyFrags}}, {{py:sp.enemyFrags}})<0?<font color='#0099FF'>&lt;</font>|:}}}}" @sasha_1_nm_ru , @night_dragon_on ,@HEKPOMAHT Thx a lot all of u Guys.. I am grateful..
  11. @night_dragon_on thx for your answear.. Not work properly.. Signs are only white, and Draw symbol is still same.. (=) Hmmm Im Trying this what @sasha_1_nm_ru says: https://kr.cm/f/t/40350/c/498791/ But im decide to change Png picture to text. My Line looks like this: "format": "{{py:math.sub({{py:sp.allyFrags}}, {{py:sp.enemyFrags}})>0?<font color='#FFFF00'>></font>|{{py:math.sub({{py:sp.allyFrags}}, {{py:sp.enemyFrags}})<0?<font color='#0099FF'><</font>|<font>:</font>}}}}" Looks like is something wrong.. At the beginning looks great.. But later when we loose,And again draw not work.. When we win Work Great.. As u can see i decide to Change Colors.. It looks Better
  12. @night_dragon_on Thx for Reply.. i use that what u say.. Now Comand line looks like this.( i try many options as u can see) and it looks like this now: As u can see at the beginning is this Sign; ( = ) on red color.. is it possible to change the sign ( = ) to ( : ) on white color?? to look like this???:: Btw.. if not possible Thx a lot..
  13. @night_dragon_on thx for quick reply.. Im Edit my post.. can u look once again?? what i exactly want?? couse this what u say just marki this sign when we got more or lees hp.. Im just wanna use this mark when we win 2:0 and should looks like this 2>0 or we loose 0:2 like this 0<2
  14. Hi.. Im using one of those beatifull Team Hp Panel.. And i just want to change one thing... At the midlle is this sign: ( | ) and is colored Red when we have lees hp,, or Green when we have more Hp.. Im wanna use This: ( > ) when we win, or this ( < ) when we loose , Like on Original sign... My config looks like this: Original line: "format": "<font size='20' color='{{py:math.sub({{py:xvm.total_hp.ally}}, {{py:xvm.total_hp.enemy}})>0?#5ACB00|#F30900}}'>|</font>" What i should Change??? When is Draw im just Want Like on 2nd pic.. just this sign (:) When we winning ,This sign (>) green When Loosing This (<) red Thx for Advice...Btw...
  15. Here u got that u want. Im Just Ad this at section "def" "deadIcon": { "enabled": true, "x":88, "y":-2, "bindToIcon": true, "align": "center", "format": "<font face='xvm' size='24'>&#x76;</font>", "alpha": "{{alive?0|100}}" } Later wrote new Line: ${"def.deadIcon"} and ad this on all EXTRAFIELDLEFT.. Thats allplayersPanel.xc
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