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  1. Here u got that u want. Im Just Ad this at section "def" "deadIcon": { "enabled": true, "x":88, "y":-2, "bindToIcon": true, "align": "center", "format": "<font face='xvm' size='24'>&#x76;</font>", "alpha": "{{alive?0|100}}" } Later wrote new Line: ${"def.deadIcon"} and ad this on all EXTRAFIELDLEFT.. Thats allplayersPanel.xc
  2. I check boosters.py file and i find this: 'bst.leftTimeMin' so. i change format for this: "format": "<font color='#CCFFFF' size='12'><textformat tabstops='[65,130,195,260]'>{{py:bst.typeCR(1)?{{py:bst.leftTimeCR(1)}}\t}}{{py:bst.typeCR(2)?{{py:bst.leftTimeCR(2)}}\t}}{{py:bst.type(1)?{{py:bst.leftTimeMin(1)}}\t}}{{py:bst.type(2)?{{py:bst.leftTimeMin(2)}}\t}}{{py:bst.leftTimeMin(3)}}</textformat></font>" Looks Like, when u have 2 hours of bonus will be 120 min.. I searched this forum and found one thing. I ad one section on boosters.py @xvm.export('bst.leftTimeHrMin', deterministic=False) def leftTimeHrMin(index=None): b = booster(index) if b is not None: seconds = time_utils.getTimeDeltaFromNow(time_utils.makeLocalServerTime(b.finishTime)) if b.finishTime is not None else 0 h, m = divmod(seconds/60, 60) return '{:1d} : {:02d}m'.format(h, m) if seconds > 59 else '<font color="#FF5349">{:02d}sec</font>'.format(seconds) return None And change format on boosters.xc "format": "<font color='#CCFFFF' size='12'><textformat tabstops='[65,130,195,260]'>{{py:bst.typeCR(1)?{{py:bst.leftTimeCR(1)}}\t}}{{py:bst.typeCR(2)?{{py:bst.leftTimeCR(2)}}\t}}{{py:bst.type(1)?{{py:bst.leftTimeHrMin(1)}}\t}}{{py:bst.type(2)?{{py:bst.leftTimeHrMin(2)}}\t}}{{py:bst.leftTimeHrMin(3)}}</textformat></font>" and looks like this:
  3. @H_E_K_P_O_M_A_H_T_ Im Using your Modification and i got Question. on your screen https://kr.cm/f/t/41426/c/482704/ it looks Perfectly.. But on My.. not good.. As you can see in the attached picture, the remaining time overlaps. Can I use a different format? Like This?: 01:37 min I Attach a Line of your Code: "format": "<font color='#CCFFFF' size='12'><textformat tabstops='[65,130,195,260]'>{{py:bst.typeCR(1)?{{py:bst.leftTimeCR(1)}}\t}}{{py:bst.typeCR(2)?{{py:bst.leftTimeCR(2)}}\t}}{{py:bst.type(1)?{{py:bst.leftTime(1)}}\t}}{{py:bst.type(2)?{{py:bst.leftTime(2)}}\t}}{{py:bst.leftTime(3)}}</textformat></font>" Greetings..
  4. I Have a question.. Is this possible to bind this icon and Others to consumables?? Like on Picture i did?? Im Asking couse when i change rows On Carousel this will Stay at the same position.. Not Move Up or down..
  5. @steaxch большое спасибо после нескольких попыток я пришел к тому, что мне пришлось изменить извините за мой язык. я использую Google Translator
  6. Who Will help me?? I need all Files to do this work.. Those at first Page are newest?? Are they Work?? Thx For Advice..
  7. Здравствуйте. Могу я попросить у вас файл конфигурации? corousel.xc
  8. Hi.. Sorry by My language but i use Translator.. i got question.. is it Possible to this?? Like on Picture?? https://zapodaj.net/4333916083cbb.jpg.html
  9. Bad news guys... Im Not testing this... When im try to launch a Game it take few minutes and i get an ERROR: Application has failed to start because no appropriate graphics hardware acceleration is available or it is turned off. I dont know what is happend... yesterday im end playing and shut down my Laptop.. today turn on and i get this Error..
  10. @SmashPuppet @Kotyarko_O Hi. Im just want use this Wn8 marker only on Batlle.. when i got all marked ,Wn8 shows (0).. Im trying unmark some field and getting better.. wn8 work but im not sure that is correct. Im using sesssion statistic and this shows different value on afterbatlle screen.. Another guestion is: Can i attach wn8 to hitlogHeader??Im just want to be able move this when i change Size of Players panel. This i got on my BalleLabelsTemplates.xc: "hitlogHeader": { "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "ON_DAMAGE_CAUSED, ON_PANEL_MODE_CHANGED", "x": "{{pp.mode=0?5|{{py:math.sum({{pp.widthLeft}},50)}}}}", "y": "{{pp.mode=0?65|40}}", "width": 500, "height": 1000, "textFormat": { "color": "0xF4EFE8", "size": 15 }, "format": "{{hitlog-header}}" // Format of the full hitlog (header and body) // Формат полного хит-лога (шапка и тело) // "format": "{{hitlog-header}}\n{{hitlog-body}}" }, Can i use line named "format"?? "format": "{{ battleEfficiency}} {{hitlog-header}}"
  11. @Kotyarko_O First sorry for that im not using your language..Ok i got one guestion.. Can you tell me what i should unmark at this Screen??? its from this version of game..
  12. @kupjones Send here your File: elements.xc We will help... On My Elements.xc look like this: { "questProgressTopAnimContainer": { "$interval": 1000, "x": "{{py:sub({{py:xvm.screenWidth}},450)}}", "y": 27 }, "questProgressTopView": { "$interval": 1000, "x": "{{py:sub({{py:xvm.screenWidth}},450)}}", "y": 27 } } End here yo go My... Maybe this will help you.. elements.xc
  13. @HEKPOMAHT, Thx for your Answer... I would testing this.. Ok it Looks just i like to do, thx one more time.. @HEKPOMAHT I got one more question. How to delete this defoult batlle clock on th right??? Im try to Use Onother from this Forum and then i got bought... Edit: Ok im Dump... It was easy... { "battleTimer": { "$delay": 100, "alpha": 0 } },
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