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  1. No new version of XVM for now?

    Have to use the nightly version until they finish a stable release.
  2. Test server 0.9.21

    It has been out since 11/19. http://nightly.modxvm.com/
  3. What does this icon mean?

    I am sure you can in XVM by not including the row in teh player panels. I haven't looked for it thought.
  4. What does this icon mean?

    It is in the WoT 9.20.1 release notes. It shows the missions you have completed.
  5. About the problems with WN8

    It is actually hard. You have to gather all the stats from the servers. This alone is a huge amount of data. Once you have raw data you need to use R to do the necessary analysis on the data, this takes skilled data/analytics people. Then the data has to be vetted, once all that is done, you can post the update.
  6. Xvm

    Read here https://koreanrandom...ting-wrong-wn8/ or in any of multiple similar topics here...
  7. [] [not-a-bug] XVM not loading

    You do not have anything install per the log. 2017-08-09 10:42:35.125: INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Checking ./res_mods/ mods not found 2017-08-09 10:42:35.125: INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Checking ./mods/ mods not found What is the exact location you are putting the files? You need to copy the XVM folder into WOT folder and not into a sub folder.
  8. XVM Not working since WOT 9.19.1

    The log says you are not running any mods. 2017-07-26 20:07:32.780: INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Checking ./res_mods/ mods not found 2017-07-26 20:07:32.780: INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Checking ./mods/ mods not found The XVM mods go to two locations now, I am guessing you have them in the wrong folders.
  9. Windows Firewall and XVM Ping

    If WOT was really blocked for both outbound and inbound the game would not work at all.
  10. XVM is not working/starting up

    Have you though about posting your XVM & Python log so people can see what is happening.
  11. Where to put contour icons...?

    Are you adding individual icons or the new Atlases? BattleAtlas.PNG, BattleAtlasXML, VehicleMarker.PNG, VehicleMarker.XML
  12. tabstops in statisticForm

    You are correct with that, incremental is a much better word. :)
  13. tabstops in statisticForm

    Tabs are cumulative. <textformat tabstops='[30,60,110,200,240]'> This sets the tabs at 30, 60,110 and so on.
  14. Chances of win disappeared?

    Let's see, hmmm.... they are both saying the same thing so no need to slam google translate. The old version is, well the only % based version of the who will win prediction.