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  1. zekias87

    Winrate and Pen not working

    Thank you! I'll try that one.
  2. zekias87

    Winrate and Pen not working

    *Bump* I would really love for someone to help me with how to update my chancePenetration.py..please.
  3. zekias87

    Winrate and Pen not working

    Thanks I'll try your py file. But that only helps me with one of them. And I still dont understand what it is that needs updating? What is the difference in the files? They look very similar when I look at them. Why do I need to download new py files? If I knew what needed to be updated I could just change it in my existing files. Edit: Your mod_wn8_chance.py file worked fine, so big thank you! But my chancePenetration.py still doesnt work and I cant find an update for it at that link. Anyone know how to update it? chancePenetration.py
  4. zekias87

    Winrate and Pen not working

    Thanks for answering. No, I have not..updated how? What in the py files needs to be updated? I'm sorry I'm such a noob, but I don't know much about how to do that stuff.
  5. I have added a few things to my xvm, with the help of the good people in this forum, but now after patch 1.1 they are not working. I have looked through my files but I can't see what is wrong and why it shoudn't work. The two things I have added are a winrate calculator and a penetration indicator. I hope there are someone who can and are nice enough to help me with this. I'm attaching the files. battleLabels.xc battleLabelsTemplates.xc chancePenetration.py mod_wn8_chance.py
  6. zekias87

    Game crashes

    I have had several crashes to desktop when I leave a battle after I have died. Anyone else experienced this? I still use XVM 7.6.0, but it may still be a problem that should be looked at so it doesnt follow into the next XVM version.
  7. zekias87

    Bug with backgrounds

    I removed my 1.0.0 Contour Icons mod and now it works..so it was the battleAtlas. Thank you guys very much!
  8. zekias87

    Bug with backgrounds

    Thanks I'll do that after I try to update my battleAtlas That can be the problem. Other than XVM I only use one mod and that is Contour Icons..and that one is old and have battleAtlas as a part of it. I'll remove that mod and see if it works.
  9. zekias87

    Bug with backgrounds

    I have some .xc files that I have edited and take with me to every new XVM version and usually that causes no problems. But this time there are some minor bugs and I was hoping someone could point me to the right file where this bug should be. 1. (First picture) - I miss the transparent shadowed background to the bottom left where the tank info is 2. (2nd picture) - I miss the minimap lines 3. (3rd picture) - I miss the transparent shadowed background on the loading screen Anyone have any idea and/or can point me to which .xc file I probably need to fix?
  10. zekias87

    Help with adding penetration calculator

    Thanks man, exactly what I was hoping foir! I will try that out! Edit* It works exactly like I was looking for! Thanks again, you are the king! I would never have figured that out on my own. Helpful people like you makes the world go around. Rep+
  11. I would like to know if there is someone out there who could help me implement a penetration calculator. I did some searching and come up with the russian forums Since I cant speak russian I Google translated it and found a Probability of penetration file "chancePenetration.py" which I also have attached in this post. But my problem is that I dont know how to use it. I have placed it in "py_macro" folder but that does nothing, so I guess I need to somehow implement it by creating another file somewhere? What I am hoping is that someone out there alreay have done this or knows how to do it and are willing to help. chancePenetration.py
  12. zekias87

    Problem with markersAliveNormal.xc

    I downloaded the updated xvm and now it works. With 7.3.0 it didnt work but now with 7.3.1 it does. Dont know why, but thanks anyway!
  13. I have some problems with markersAliveNormal.xc in the latest update and I hope somebody can help me. Since "forever" I have modified this file so that I get both my teammates and my enemies xwn8-rating (double digit variant) to show over the tank-tier. This means I usually have, from bottom to top, Tanktype, Tier, Health, Tankname, Playername and then xwn8-rating at the top. Now in the latest patch the xwn8-rating is gone and I have really tried to figure out why but I cant seem to find what is wrong, everything looks right to me. I have uploaded an image on how it used to look and also my markersAliveNormal.xc file. Is there someone who can figure out what is wrong in my file or do I need to submit anything else? markersAliveNormal.xc
  14. zekias87

    Damage while stunned not showing

    Thank you very much!!
  15. I have recently started playing some artillery for missions. Many mission include damage done by my team while I have someone stunned. In the bottom left corner I have damage done, spotting, damage blocked by armor and assisted damage, but damage done while stunned isnt showing even tho I have that option checked in the games options. If I launch the game without mods, then it is there, but not with mods. So my question is if there is a xvm option somewhere to turn that on and if so in which file do I do that change?