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  1. I am testing Nightly build 8.6.0_0078 and my Penetration indicator is not working. Anyone who can see what is wrong? I am attaching the files. battleLabels.xc battleLabelsTemplates.xc chancePenetration.py
  2. Wargaming is making the UI for the garage worse for every patch. Those (I call them banners) "banners" in the lower right corner, right under the tank statistics, they are annoying as F**K. Whjy have a clickable square that tells you when the next axt starts..STUPID. All they do is giving less space to the tank statistics and making me have to scroll more to see it. So my question is if you cant remove them in the next XVM update, or give us an option so those of us that want them gone can do that?
  3. I have the same problem. I am using the version (XVM 8.1.8), which is the same version as World of Tanks. The nightly build you are refering to is for as well. *edit Works with the nightly build as you said. Official release is broken tho.
  4. Thanks! But this looks to advanced for me and also in russian which I need google translate to even begin to understand :) Ill just live with it and wait for updated mod.
  5. This might be the problem, thank you. I use contour icons mod which have battleAtlas. But the mod I'm using (Contour Icons Risky Style) don't have 1.2.01 update, only 1.2, so no new battleAtlas there. Is there another way to get hold of a new and updated battleAtlas? Edit* I see now that each battleAtlas is made seperatly for that mod so can't use another battleAtlas to replace mine. Right?
  6. In one of my first 30v30 battles I clicked around in the players panel after I had died. I did this to follow teammates in other groups than my own. Now when I get 30v30 battles I can only see group 3 and I have no way of switching it back to where I see all 3 groups overlaying eachother. Anyone else having this problem? Or is it due to the fact that I have an edited playersPanel.xc? Edit* Added picture. As you can see theres a 3 at the top which indicates which team I'm seeing, but theres no button to push to see all 3 teams or another team. Edit2* I updated to latest playersPanel.xc and the problem is still there
  7. *Bump* I would really love for someone to help me with how to update my chancePenetration.py..please.
  8. Thanks I'll try your py file. But that only helps me with one of them. And I still dont understand what it is that needs updating? What is the difference in the files? They look very similar when I look at them. Why do I need to download new py files? If I knew what needed to be updated I could just change it in my existing files. Edit: Your mod_wn8_chance.py file worked fine, so big thank you! But my chancePenetration.py still doesnt work and I cant find an update for it at that link. Anyone know how to update it? chancePenetration.py
  9. Thanks for answering. No, I have not..updated how? What in the py files needs to be updated? I'm sorry I'm such a noob, but I don't know much about how to do that stuff.
  10. I have added a few things to my xvm, with the help of the good people in this forum, but now after patch 1.1 they are not working. I have looked through my files but I can't see what is wrong and why it shoudn't work. The two things I have added are a winrate calculator and a penetration indicator. I hope there are someone who can and are nice enough to help me with this. I'm attaching the files. battleLabels.xc battleLabelsTemplates.xc chancePenetration.py mod_wn8_chance.py
  11. I have had several crashes to desktop when I leave a battle after I have died. Anyone else experienced this? I still use XVM 7.6.0, but it may still be a problem that should be looked at so it doesnt follow into the next XVM version.
  12. I removed my 1.0.0 Contour Icons mod and now it works..so it was the battleAtlas. Thank you guys very much!
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