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  1. Hi, Just noticed that with pure latest XVM (standard config, no other mods added) the client crashes and creates dump file in "CrashDumps" folder. So far it happens every time when exiting the game. Client without XVM exits normally, no errors, no dmp file. Attached is one of the mentioned dump file and freshly cleaned (for the session) python.log & xvm.log - the latter looks to be cut in the middle of a record, probably once the client EXE has crashed. WorldOfTanks.exe.4480.zippython.logxvm.log
  2. I'm using "ZIP version", haven't noticed any in-battle or in-garage issues so far. Maybe try this one?
  3. Thanks. I've already put an icon into the proper directory to have it visible. Oh, it seem that I had right about some kind of automated icons update, I hope it gets done soon, last update looks to had been done in September
  4. Hi, The question as in post topic: what should I do to have my clan icon added to ZIP file (EU clan icons), available for download on XVM webpage? Should I send PNG file somewhere, or maybe it can be done by a clan commander only? Or maybe it is being updated periodically by some automated process (the files being downloaded from Wargaming clan's pages)?
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