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  1. Illi

    [7.8.1, 12.02.19] "night_dragon_on" config & addons

    Добрый день , Какой шрифт вы использовали для контурных иконки?
  2. Illi


  3. Illi


    Hello friends, I have a question . Can one for each tank substituting it with WN8 value of each tank in the userinfo xte the pitch. If yes how ? Best regards ( translated with Google )
  4. Illi

    9.5 Minimap Problem

    Ok. I have solved the problem. I deleted the icons in the swf minimap. Evoila, now all icons from Alastankas Config will not be superimposed. Everything is great again. Thank you for your help.
  5. Illi

    9.5 Minimap Problem

    Hi M 13th It worked great. Thx. Can you make for Super TD, Super Arty and Super Med, too? So for all that is T 10? I have all the icons on the minimap seen swf.
  6. Illi

    9.5 Minimap Problem

    I will try it tomorrow morning. I'll very much Mr 13.
  7. Illi

    9.5 Minimap Problem

    Not the text. Since the 9.5 wot are symbols above the XVM symbols. that was not previously and I have not changed anything in the config.
  8. Illi

    9.5 Minimap Problem

    The icons are inserted via the config. I only xvm, no other mods.
  9. Hello. I have a little problem with the minimap since 9.5. The orginal icon on the minimap overlay the icon of XVM (Super Heavy). To 9.4 everything was ok. I use the config of Alastanka. Unfortunately, he is no longer there, but I hope that he is doing well. The xvm is the 3530 Can you please help me? Sorry for my english is translate. minimapLabels.xc