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  1. Добрый день , Какой шрифт вы использовали для контурных иконки?
  2. Hello friends, I have a question . Can one for each tank substituting it with WN8 value of each tank in the userinfo xte the pitch. If yes how ? Best regards ( translated with Google )
  3. Ok. I have solved the problem. I deleted the icons in the swf minimap. Evoila, now all icons from Alastankas Config will not be superimposed. Everything is great again. Thank you for your help.
  4. Hi M 13th It worked great. Thx. Can you make for Super TD, Super Arty and Super Med, too? So for all that is T 10? I have all the icons on the minimap seen swf.
  5. I will try it tomorrow morning. I'll very much Mr 13.
  6. Not the text. Since the 9.5 wot are symbols above the XVM symbols. that was not previously and I have not changed anything in the config.
  7. The icons are inserted via the config. I only xvm, no other mods.
  8. Hello. I have a little problem with the minimap since 9.5. The orginal icon on the minimap overlay the icon of XVM (Super Heavy). To 9.4 everything was ok. I use the config of Alastanka. Unfortunately, he is no longer there, but I hope that he is doing well. The xvm is the 3530 Can you please help me? Sorry for my english is translate. minimapLabels.xc