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  1. не могли бы вы показать свой премиум конфиг xvm?
  2. @steaxch Полная строка выглядит так: "format": "<textformat tabstops='[65,130,195,260]'><font color='#CCFFFF' face='$FieldFont' size='12'>{{py:bst.type(1)?{{py:lstrip('{{py:bst.leftTimeHrMin(1)}}', '0:')}}<tab>}}{{py:bst.type(2)?{{py:lstrip('{{py:bst.leftTimeHrMin(2)}}', '0:')}}<tab>}}{{py:bst.type(3)?{{py:lstrip('{{py:bst.leftTimeHrMin(3)}}', '0:')}}<tab>}}{{py:bst.typeCR(1)?{{py:lstrip('{{py:bst.leftTimeHrMinCR(1)}}', '0:')}}<tab>}}{{py:lstrip('{{py:bst.leftTimeHrMinCR(2)}}', '0:')}}</font></textformat>"
  3. Как правильно добавить в эту большую строку? "format": "<textformat tabstops='[65,130,195,260]'><font color='#CCFFFF' face='$FieldFont' size='12'>{{py:bst.type(1)?{{py:lstrip('{{py:bst.leftTimeHrMin(1)}}', '0:')}}<tab>
  4. как сделать красный цвет (<font color = "# FF0000">), если осталось всего несколько секунд? (00:00:59)
  5. really nice thx for this code snipped. i found i bug/problem and hope it could be fixed... the blueprints are not included in this calculation..my 7% less exp isn't added.
  6. можно изменить уровень ранга с цветными числами в зависимости от среднего, тяжелого, тд, спг?
  7. При использовании 2 инфо ... можно ли показать одно все время без исчезновения?
  8. sry for posting in english... is it possible with xvm+py.macro to make the same cool thing that battle observer can?:
  9. nice, it's working :) thx one last question: is it possible to move the mapname a bit up? so it looks like this: Malinovka 1000M
  10. Hello, hope somebody can help me with maps.py. I want to show mapname on minimap near mapsize..but it does not work :( please help in minimap.xc: // Map size label // Поле размера карты "mapSize": ${"minimapMapSize.xc":"mapSize"}, // Map name label // Поле размера карты "mapName": ${"minimapMapName.xc":"mapName"}, in minimapMapName.xc: /** * Textfield for map name. */ { // The settings correspond to the extra fields parameters // Настройки соответствуют параметрам дополнительных полей // {{py: map.nameFile}} - the name of the map file on which the battle takes place. // {{py: map.localeName}} - localized name of the map on which the battle takes place. // {{py: map.kind}} - returns 'summer' if the map is summer, 'winter' - winter, 'desert' - desert. "mapName": { "enabled": true, "x": 10, "y": 0, "alpha": 70, "textFormat": { "font": "Times New Roman", "size": 18, "color": "0xFFCC66", "align": "left", "bold": true, "italic": false }, "format": "<font size='18' color='{{py:map.kind=summer?#FF0000|{{py:map.kind=winter?#FFFFFF|#00FFFF}}}}'>{{py:map.localeName}}</font>", "shadow": { "enabled": true, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 70, "blur": 2, "strength": 3, "distance": 0, "angle": 0 } } }
  11. i adapted the announcements from UT Announcer Mod to XVM. Works perfect! Is there a possibility to change sound with xvm at these events? Kamikaze kill Ramkill would be really nice! thx for any help
  12. i changed key from left to right ctrl. shows up when i press teh key. xvm.log Update : OK, I had to press leftctrl + rightctrl and then click on the icon to repair ... what a mess :( i tried to fix it in handler: @registerEvent(PlayerAvatar, 'handleKey') def handleKey(self, isDown, key, mods): global select #if (key == Keys.KEY_LCONTROL) and (select is not None): if (key == Keys.KEY_RCONTROL) and (select is not None): old_select = select select = None as_event(EVENTS[old_select[:-4]]) and using Hotkey Code 157 in the repaircontrol.xc but now i don't see the wheel :( please help me
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