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  1. hi problem solved thx mans. if set false = see default x3 style.(premium acc bonus) thx.
  2. enabled false: https://i.imgur.com/pJLott6.jpg enabled: true .... https://i.imgur.com/dtuzm2x.jpg xvm.log python.log before post
  3. if all FALSE not see controlled bonus ever. ...look: shot_271.jpg (+now see standart / premium credits + experience) standart view is this: shot_193.jpg without xvm (see standart position control bonus) this window want. second request...can add options hide reward window. shot_195.jpg
  4. hi i disable all options in battleresults.xc : if disable all why dont have standart window? * controlled bonus.
  5. ok sec. logs ...clear xvm with me config. i think problem is in py_macro or dont know. (i share me mods + res_mods) i remember test first without mods. sry for me bad eng. xvm.log python.log wot_frost.zip
  6. same problem bulid 9072 , then how open battle results from information center. python.log xvm.log
  7. can someone help? this is if only clan reserves: https://i.imgur.com/JEl1RcZ.jpg this 1 personal reserves:https://i.imgur.com/eG4ZFS3.jpg this 2 personal reserves:https://i.imgur.com/sVlRrzQ.jpg this 3 personal reserves:https://i.imgur.com/z6M3L7H.jpg only all reserves is ok , time no moving if only clan reserves run... green color=clan reserves. widgetsTemplates.xc xvm.log python.log xvm.zip
  8. i used more options disable all without prebattleTimer ...look elemets.xc file before in wot 1.4.1 any problem. + now if use button TAB or N before game start again see mission flag. xvm.zip xvm.log elements.xc python.log
  9. i use new boosters.py , solved: "hideActiveBooster": true, ...thx but time for CLAN reservers ("CR") not work: xvm.zip xvm.log python.log
  10. {{py:bst.leftTimeCR}} not working for me. :( "hideActiveBooster": true, ....not work too because now are new icons for clan reserves and combine reserves:
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