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  1. Frost_DeatH

    XVM Localization

    hi site not work ..i want update czech localization thx man.
  2. @night_dragon_on i try your fix : clear last xvm + your xvm fix is OK but i try with mods and not work :/ ...error in xvm log. can you look this? thx man. (i too delete all old py_macro files from not actual xvm) python.log xvm.log
  3. Frost_DeatH

    help wn8 align

    thanks work ..can close
  4. hi how can align wn8 in players panel / tab window. If is wn8 just 100-999 only 3 numbers is no align cool :/ add me config thx for help: xvm.zip
  5. Frost_DeatH

    nightly xvm?

    thx working
  6. hi i see last 2 days, dont work nightly.modxvm.com ?? u stop develop xvm ? or only stop share nightly versions? thx for reply.
  7. i fing info how in xvm can change fps and ping bar... Style , font , size , etc.
  8. just xvm problem or font? thx for help. xvm.log fdmod_xvm_config.zip
  9. Frost_DeatH

    hangar - online clan members

    i know but i have big friendlist is it problem.....i see this function in screen... but dont know what mod is it.
  10. Frost_DeatH

    hangar - online clan members

    https://i.imgur.com/KI2c4wB.jpg i see version with same font how CSA / channel name ...but I do not know where. :( ...can u implement?