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  1. Affirmative. I saw this issue today in battle. Ignored guy had no stats after TAB. v. 8465
  2. Спасибо за информацию. К сожалению, я плохо говорю по-русски. Can you shortly describe what was there (i feel this collection is something different and i think the list is not so frendly to use). What was the conclusion?
  3. Hello, I would like to propose to add a feature which I miss a lot. Tank groups in carousel as a filter. User could add the tanks to a group. Then if he press the group button only tanks from the group wwould be visible. It is often so i want to play only a special group of tanks on special event. There are mix of tanks. Different levels, premium or not and so on. Therefore existing filters don't allow me to easy filter the tanks. I tried to use "set as reserve" (or something like this, i don't know how it is in English) as a such list, but in this case tanks were not visible in normal gameplay. Or in Front Line play... Therefore maybe additional filter? Could work like this: There will be two groups marked by "1" and "2" There will be two additional buttons on the left with those numbers By clicking one of them only tanks belonging to the group will be shown. If before clicking tank list was filtered by other filters, filter would be cleared (or disabled and by second click on the button group will gone and previously set filters will be enabled again) Adding a tank to a group can be realized by pressing RMB on the tank in carousel and selecting option "Add to group 1" or "Add to group 2" Removing tank from a group can be realized accordingly. Just other text will appear in contextual menu if tank belong already to a group. Tanks can belong to one or to all groups It can be also more groups, but please, minimum two What do you think?
  4. I sold my tank with option "reurn crew to barracks". But there was no crew there. After some investigations i found that the crew was moved to low tier tank. I used this crew there once. Is it possible to change this feature so that in case of selling tank crew goes to the barracks? Current situation is very misleading
  5. Hi, Maybe it would be possiblem to add feature (just a switch or checkbox) which will make easier looking for female crew members? BiA does not work with sisters and completing a female crew is a bit hard.
  6. Thanks. Worked. I can turn off again this super annoying sound when ally is killed.
  7. Hi, i found that suddenly sixth sense sound is gone. Nothing changed in config. Setting in sounds,xc to false "sounds": { "enabled": false, makes sound working again. Is it me, or XVM need to be updated? I checked also with fresh downloaded game and newes nightly build. Same result
  8. But it is not. AFAIK the background is not a part of XVM but vanilla client. See this thread: http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/33006-players-panel-problem-with-background-and-others/
  9. Hello XVM Team! Since 0.15.1 I am facing a problem with players panel. The background of the panel is smaller than panel itself. It looks like this: Is there any chance that you build in a mechanism which will automatically resize the background depending on players panel width? For example basing on parameters "fragsWidth", "nickMinWidth" and "vehicleWidth" from playersPanel.xc I am using a bit bigger players panel because i like to have full information. It takes not that much space by higher resolutions.
  10. I just replaced background image from playersPanel.swf with the bigger one. I extended it by about 100 pixels but there is completely no difference in game... :( Dear XVM team, please help us!
  11. Anyway maybe it is a good idea that XVM will build in new background and recalculate its size depending on players panel width? At least it can be easy recalculated from parameters "fragsWidth", "nickMinWidth" and "vehicleWidth" from playersPanel.xc
  12. Unfortunately I have no PlayersPanel.swf file... What now? What do you mean? I changed the image, now is 250x375, probably too much, but i can't test it. I have no file.
  13. The darker, semi-transparent background is still too short (see picture from first post). Is there any chance to correct it? I supose it is because of my config which makes players panel longer than standard.
  14. You right. I should check it before asking. My bad. I promise to do it next time :) Please, do not postpone carousel. Not clear when WG will implement it and for sure there will be no "scale" option. And i like it very much.
  15. What is wrong with 50m circle? In minimapCircles.xc i have following: { "enabled": true, "distance": 50, "scale": 1, "thickness": 0.75, "alpha": 60, "color": "0xFFFFFF" }, but I can't see this one. Not done yet?
  16. Hi. XVM 6.4.0 is just released and carousel still does not work properly (rows, zoom). Am I doing something wrong or is just still not done yet?
  17. Yeah, you are right. Good idea. I will wait until official release. This time it will take some time i think.
  18. Really noone can help me with those problems? Maybe only first two? Please!
  19. I still have some questions about PlayesPanel. Can you help me pls? Here reference picture and my formats lines from config "nickFormatLeft": "<img src='xvm://res/icons/flags/{{flag|default}}.png' width='16' height='13'> <font color='{{c:wn8|#666666}}'>{{wn8%-6s|-??-}}</font> <font color='#EEEEEE'>{{kb%-2.0f~k|--}} {{nick%-25s}}</font>", "vehicleFormatLeft": "{{vehicle%-20s}} (<font color='{{c:hp-ratio}}'>{{hp-ratio%3s~%|---}}</font>)", 1. How to make this darker background behind tank names and nicks bigger? Is any parameter for that? 2. Why some nicks are moved when there is no flag? Only some! (red marked on picture) Did I put "default" wrong? 3. How to make nicks of players darker after dead like tank names or frags are and keep them brighter when they are alive? I am guessing i should delete <font color='#EEEEEE'> and change color somewhere else. Where? In colors cx i did not found... 4. What does actually "nickMinWidth" and "nickMaxWidth" do? Is this in any way automatically matched? 5. Why on the right panel nick names are not justed to the right but to the center?
  20. Hi, The most irritating feature added with last patch is sound of noisy radio which is informing that your teammate just died. God it is annoying. I know i am not alone with my feelings. Now i am frustated not only after strike of defeats. I am frustrated now each battle too! It is like a reminder about your poor team. Can you guys give us an option which allow us to turn it off?
  21. Hi folks, I am just trying to adopt my config to the last XVM changes and my hairs are going gray. Is there any exact description how it works? Where can i find which parameter? Comments in configs are great but unfortunately not enough. Only way is to test it in the battle? My players panel for example lookl like this: Too far from the left border, when there is no flag then nick is moved, bacground is too small on the left side... Similar situation with markers. Only test in battle? Edit: Thread title changed to more accurate
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