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  1. Update: I just tried signing in from a different location which is a completely different subnet thinking maybe this was an issue with my home network/router. Nope. On a computer that has no WoT installed, no XVM installed, nothing, just coming to the xvmmod web site and trying to sign in I get the exact same error. I did this from a computer that I had never used before so there couldn't be any knowledge of my XVM or WoT account anywhere on it. After this test, on this same computer, I was able to log in to my WoT account with no problem, so there does not appear to be any issue on the WG side with authentication. This appears to be an issue with XVM, not WoT or Wargaming side. I hope this helps you to track down the problem.
  2. TY for your reply Mr13. What is strange is if the issue is with WOT auth server, why can I log into WOT with no issues and play just fine? Also why can others sign in to your site and select NA Server just fine? Seems odd only some have this problem and it persists. (
  3. I have reinstalled XVM and reinstalled World of Tanks and still cannot sign in to xvmmod web site for NA Server after patch 9.2 came out. I can get to the sign in page fine for any other region, just not NA. Since I cannot sign in, I cannot "Activate" statistics and therefore cannot see the statistics during game play. When I try to sign in, it takes a few minutes of thinking and then give error 504:Gateway time out. I am running World of Tanks 9.2 and XVM 5.3.3. All features of XVM are working (view range circles, enemy last spotted positions, etc), just none of the statistics.
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