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  1. Impressive, any chance you could share it?
  2. In your example there is again a comma mistake in the first set of brackets. { "enabled": true, "x": 158, "y": 47, "align": "right", "width": 13, "height": 13, "alpha": "{{v.damageRating?|0}}", }, Remove the comma in the second line - since it's the last entry inside the brackets it must not end in a comma. If you have errors like that in your custom config XVM will detect the mistake and simply not load your config at all.
  3. This will work: {"x": 67, "y": 50, "format": "<font color='{{v.c_damageRating}}' size='13'>{{v.damageRating}}</font>", "alpha": "{{v.selected?100|0}}", "shadow": {"color": "0x000000", "alpha": 50, "angle": 45, "distance": 0, "size": 1, "strength": 90}} Please also make sure, that you set your commas correctly at the end of each line or it will not work at all. It goes like this: { something, something, something } The last line inside a set of brackets must not have a comma, every other line has to end in a comma! The same goes for multiple pairs of brackets following each other: { something }, { something }, { something } Please note that all but the last pair of brackets is ended with a comma.
  4. I'm already using the damageRating macro in my carousel - I'm looking for a delta value after each battle (because remembering the "old" value throughout the battle and then calculating myself after the battle is rather inconvenient)
  5. Hi, title pretty much says it all: I'd like an option to show the change in percentage for marks of excellence shown in the battle results. You could save the old damage rating temporarily, after the battle fetch the new percentage and then show the user the difference. This value should be shown as something like -0.03% or +0.98% in red/green respectively. Alfalis
  6. Replace it with {{tdb%4.3i|---}} - the "|xxx" is a default value that is displayed if the macro in front of it doesn't return anything. Add whatever you want behind the "|". The reason for missing values is usually that the player doesn't have this tank for very long and thus XVM doesn't have any values for it yet. Please make this adjustment and then send us another screenshot.
  7. After taking a quick look without any testing: You are missing a second tab on the right side compared to the left "formatRight": "<textformat tabstops='[100, 165]'><font alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}' color='{{c:tdb}}'>{{tdb%4.3i}}</font><i> :AvgDmg</i><tab><font alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}' color='{{c:wn8}}'>{{name%9.9s}}</font><tab><font alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}' color='{{c:xte}}'>{{vehicle%11.11s}}</font></textformat>", Please try my bold suggestions (100 and 165 are just guesses, you might have to tweak them a little ;D) and let us know how it worked out.
  8. You can find my full config here (relevant line is marked): https://github.com/Alfalis/XVM-Config---Simple-but-effective/blob/master/Alfalis_XVM_Config/res_mods/configs/xvm/xvm.xc#L319 "extraFieldsRight":[ {"x": -50, "y": 8, "bindToIcon": true, "format": "{{spotted}}"} ] The x and y value define the position relevant to the contour icon (make sure "bindToIcon" is enabled)
  9. One example, taken from my hitlog config: "formatHistory": "<textformat tabstops='[20,50,90,190]'><font size='12'>#{{n-player}}:</font><tab>{{dmg-player}}<tab>| <font color='{{c:dmg-kind}}'>{{dmg}}</font><tab>|<font color='{{c:wn8}}'> {{vehicle}} {{dead}}</font><tab><font color='#FFFFFF'>| {{nick}}</font></textformat>", The values 20, 50, 90 and 190 define where each value is positioned after a <tab>. This will give you a nice list with all values right below each other, no matter how "long" they are (simple example below). value1 value2 value3 v1 v2 v3 value1 val2 valu3
  10. Yeah "sniper" - at least whenever I'm shot at by arty they suddenly all turn into elite snipers :P So, is there a possibility?
  11. Hi, with my current config when you play arty and switch to sniper mode the "camera direction" line disappears and instead I get a small green square showing where I'm currently aiming. The only problem is when I hold down my right mouse button to look around in sniper mode I don't have any indication on the minimap as to where I'm currently actually aiming. Is there a possibility to either add a "gun direction line" or some sort of small marker on the minimap? Thx in advance Alfalis Config: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/412440-
  12. The following part is from my own config (full config can be found here): "texts":{ "spotted":{ "neverSeen": "<font face=\"Wingdings\" size=\"16\" color=\"#EE0000\">l</font>", "lost": "<font face=\"Wingdings\" size=\"16\" color=\"#FFEE00\">l</font>", "revealed": "<font face=\"Wingdings\" size=\"16\" color=\"#00DD00\">l</font>", "dead": "<font FACE=\"Wingdings\" size=\"17\" color=\"#FFFFFF\">N</font>", "neverSeen_arty": "<font face=\"Wingdings\" size=\"16\" color=\"#EE0000\">l</font>", "lost_arty": "<font face=\"Wingdings\" size=\"16\" color=\"#FFEE00\">l</font>", "revealed_arty": "<font face=\"Wingdings\" size=\"16\" color=\"#00DD00\">l</font>", "dead_arty": "<font FACE=\"Wingdings\" size=\"17\" color=\"#FFFFFF\">N</font>" } }, and the result looks like this (dots instead of lightbulbs): Are you able to implement this yourself or do you need further help/information?
  13. This is not a separate mod but a feature of XVM. As you are asking your question in the XVM support forum I guess you already figured that out - so how exactly can we help you?
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