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  1. Hi, one of my users have problems with #5147 - e.g. carousel is not working LookupError: unknown encoding: cp932 He is playing on ASIA server and I cannot reproduce the bug. Here are the logs from clean XVM install. python.log xvm.log
  2. Hello, I'm trying to call a function every x seconds import BigWorld import threading import time def myCheck(): # my code is here ... # call myCheck() again in 60 seconds threading.Timer(60, myCheck).start() # start calling myCheck now and every 60 sec thereafter myCheck() The code is working, but after closing the client, there is still running process WorldOfTanks.exe Is there a way to stop the timer when closing client?
  3. after today's CT patch the game will crash with xvm
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    I have errors in 0.9.6 (nothing is displayed in hangar)
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    Modpack version [Note] Modpack version Installed: 0.9.5, Latest: 0.9.6 So I can identify version from user's python.log
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    Great mod! Can you implement some form of version numbers (installed/latest) printed in python.log? Eg: Executing: NotificationBox [Note] Installed: 0.9.5, Latest: 0.9.6 thank you
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    Hi, can you share what changes are made in v6?
  8. Hey Darth, just change values in colors.xc for alive: "colors": { "system": { "ally_alive": "0x96FF00", .... .... "enemy_alive": "0xF50800", this will change colors in markers too.