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  1. Hi, one of my users have problems with #5147 - e.g. carousel is not working LookupError: unknown encoding: cp932 He is playing on ASIA server and I cannot reproduce the bug. Here are the logs from clean XVM install. python.log xvm.log
  2. after today's CT patch the game will crash with xvm
  3. Hello, I'm trying to call a function every x seconds import BigWorld import threading import time def myCheck(): # my code is here ... # call myCheck() again in 60 seconds threading.Timer(60, myCheck).start() # start calling myCheck now and every 60 sec thereafter myCheck() The code is working, but after closing the client, there is still running process WorldOfTanks.exe Is there a way to stop the timer when closing client?
  4. I have errors in 0.9.6 (nothing is displayed in hangar)
  5. Modpack version [Note] Modpack version Installed: 0.9.5, Latest: 0.9.6 So I can identify version from user's python.log
  6. Great mod! Can you implement some form of version numbers (installed/latest) printed in python.log? Eg: Executing: NotificationBox [Note] Installed: 0.9.5, Latest: 0.9.6 thank you
  7. webium


    Hi, can you share what changes are made in v6?
  8. Hey Darth, just change values in colors.xc for alive: "colors": { "system": { "ally_alive": "0x96FF00", .... .... "enemy_alive": "0xF50800", this will change colors in markers too.
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