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  1. Guys, please, you are my only hope now :P . There was a very old mod, which stopped working recently and since there is probably no way of fixing it, maybe you'd consider putting such functionality into XVM? Of course, if someone doesn't need it, it can be turned off, so voices against it are not appreciated ;) . Additional options that i can think of is similar gun elevation/depression indicator and hull tilt indicator - those two could also be useful (although probably not as much) Original mod file attached to this post, if someone wants to decompile it. Here is some random screenshot, with gun constraints :) for a TD - such mod is crucial if you disable camera constraints in sniper mode (like with PMOD, or other mods), but of course for turreted tanks traverse indicator is also very useful, i became heavily dependent on that :( ). Graphical design, although not very appealing, was surprisingly useful: BattleTimer.swf
  2. Good call, i'd loaded it in my @xvm.xc but then somehow forgot to copy it from default... Now it's ok. Helkar, believe me, error report hasn't changed - still it was file missing, without specifying which file.
  3. Sadly, nightly 4704 doesn't change anything, i still don't know which file is mising. And there are no newer for 9.9?
  4. After a long break, i came back, updated my config with all patchnotes but sth. is not working - and idk what. I get "missing file" message on battleloading, but that's all. xvm.log says too, that some file is missing, but does not tell which, specifically... Any ides? My xvm.log and python.log: xvm.log python.log
  5. Guys, sth. interesting for future: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2015/01/23/fog-of-war-in-random-battles/
  6. Because you have to create alternative versions of subconfig minimap flles and load them properly. By default minimapAlt calls standard minimap files.
  7. Damn, not enough time for me to play and check everything. I have to make an idiot out of myself occasionally :P ...
  8. It's NOT the "latest" definitely - or, at least you haven't updated your config for quite a few months. Have you been playing without xvm for like last three patches?
  9. No, you cannot draw pics. You have to edit config files.
  10. If you swap Application.swf only as per changelog info, it breaks indeed. Put all other files too, then it works.
  11. Could you guys make a quick fix to put current chosen mission goals instead of random crap on battleLoading? And it would be good to squeeze it somewhere on staticticForm too...
  12. Sooooo, xvmres:// obsolete, too? Time to move all icons to my private config folder :) . I was thinking about it lately, easier to distribute and protect them.
  13. Strange, check if you have "texts" section in correct place ;) .
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