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  1. For me is original script semi functional... All values instead WN8/6 are shown correctly... I can't figure out where the problem is... WN shows incredibly high values...
  2. I don't want to push some keybind every time I start the game...
  3. you have error in folder name... in archive is 0.9.20 and current folder is :)
  4. This is working for me, just replace config with your cfg from prev. version wn8_calc.rar
  5. This is working for me, just replace config with your cfg from prev. version zoom_extended.rar
  6. I'm using only \t in tank statistics and don't have any <tab> or <a> tags there :) and have this bug too :) "byTankRow":[ "<font size='13' color='#FFCC66'><textformat leading='-4' tabstops='[70,115,160]'>Tank\tBitvy\tPošk.\tWN8</textformat></font>", "{{TankStat}}", "\n<p align='center'>{{ButtonGeneral}} {{ButtonReset}}</p>" ], I general stats I'm using <tab> without any problem and without "uderscores bug"...
  7. not true, it is "unwanted" known behavior of wotstat... after closing and reopening service channel will underscores disappear
  8. you have old config... try this: "Button" : { "Tanks" : { "enable" : true, "format" : "<a href='event:WotStat:Tanks'><img src='img://../mods/configs/wotstat/icons/tanks.png' width='100' height='20' align='baseline' vspace='0'></a>" }, "Reset" : { "enable" : true, "format": "<a href='event:WotStat:Reset'><img src='img://../mods/configs/wotstat/icons/reset.png' width='100' height='20' align='baseline' vspace='0'></a>" }, "General" : { "enable" : true, "format" : "<a href='event:WotStat:General'><img src='img://../mods/configs/wotstat/icons/general.png' width='100' height='20' align='baseline' vspace='0'></a>" } },
  9. I don't have any problems with buttons... All is working fine... Isn't your config outdated ?
  10. @Ekspoint what about to update to latest vxBattleFlash ? thanks...
  11. packaged version with original config: https://www.wgmods.eu/download/wotstat_packaged.zip
  12. in mod_stat.py rewrite line 77 from: path = '/'.join(['.', 'res_mods', 'configs', 'wotstat']) to: path = '/'.join(['.', 'mods', 'configs', 'wotstat']) and compile it... in config (images packed in .wotmod in res\gui\maps\icons\library\ folder) is path set to: img://gui/maps/icons/library/image.png
  13. mod stopped to show nicknames in wn8 color... is there some patch needed ? (all nicknames are red) EDIT: mod working fine, I had enabled wrong scale in settings on XVM site....
  14. Hello Ekspoint, can you please adapt script to show xwn8 and efficiency like in yasnkrasen pls ? how it looks: http://i.imgur.com/L1kuSWn.jpg Thanks a lot.
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