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  1. 404 Error when click on My Stats.. Am a new player does this just mean there are no stats yet or?
  2. It just changed to 1667..so I guess it was just stalled out. Not sure why it does that. Thank you for your replies and time :)
  3. Usually though it goes up according to my daily session..the last 2 or 3 days it's going down despite all my sessions being 2500-3000 WN8.. So why is it going down after each match? not quite understanding what is happening. This happened one other time, it fixed in a few days so maybe it will again. Thanks for the reply, btw.
  4. I posted another topic about something else with no answers, hope this one goes better :( I am getting 2k+ WN8 every match..and my current shows to be 1663 on Wotlabs..however in game EACH match my overall goes down..not sure why? Its at 1648 now..from 1663 this morning...but my WN8 today is 3k... Any idea what is going on..bug?
  5. Friendly bump as I am sure someone knows the answer :)
  6. Anyone has any clue? =D I've googled and looked for other topics and/or options but I don't see anything related :(
  7. Seems like specific tank stats (like kill ratio for a specific tank) don't update when the normal stats do. Can someone confirm or deny that? I notice one of my tanks .8 KD ratio has been .8 forever yet my actual stat in the tank has gone up. Or I could be comparing wrong stat I guess. (Might have looked at KPG instead of KDR) (Double checked, my current KDR is 1.36 but it still shows .8 in game xvm)
  8. Ah..the modpack I use uses the nightly builds..I guess that's why.
  9. Same here, still getting the error after deactivate/activate..is there another step?
  10. Thanks! I had clicked that last night and not even realized it! Thank you very much :)
  11. Just installed WoT for the first time in over a year, got a modpack and began playing with no issues..XVM working too (except my own stats not showing yet) Then randomly for no reason I started getting this error: Error: www.modxvm.com Unknown status {"status": "requested", "cnt": 159, "start_at": 1397017177202, "expires_at": 1398226777202, "tokens": [{"token": "9bfda261-6b75-4eeb-a548-ecd329ec6824", "_id": {"$oid": "5344ca59b6faddee0b93a112"}, "created": 1397017177202}, {"token": "85b5e349-9842-4029-ab74-4c5497109eae", "_id": {"$oid": "53465741b6faddee0b93af4b"}, "created": {"$ts": 0, "$inc": 0}}], "_id": 1002314139} It shows when I start the game in the little events window. Any ideas? XVM stats still appear in game though.
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