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  1. after updating to xvm 7.1.1 i don't have the option for fast crew training in my hangar!? even with default config, where is it gone? the second restart solved the problem
  2. lrt13305

    conflict application.swf and team battles

    The crashes were due to the gnomefathers mod but a new version is out that solved the problem. The Problem with unselectable tanks comes from xvm and it is definetly enough to rename or delete the application.swf. This worked for ALL of my clanmembers, so i think you mixed up the two issues. Thanks for the tip sirmax
  3. Since the micro patch it is not possible to play team battles as yopu cant chosse your tank anymore. I found out that there is a conflict with the xvm application.swf. Is there any fix? I also found a website with an xvm "bugzilla" forum one day but cant find it again, is there a link to this beta forum or whatever it was!?