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  1. ok maybe my question is stupid and probably someone asked in ru language (i was see build numbers) but after i translate page in google translator i don`t know still nothing ;) so i ask in english. now at http://nightly.modxvm.com/ is incorect numbers? yesterday was 3416 and now is 2778 so i dont know what build is the lates and on site http://dev.modxvm.com/xvm/commits/all i dont see any build numbers so i am very confusion at now hehe. ok i download build 2778 and i see in config files that is added new option "allowHpInPanelsAndMinimap" so now i now everyting ;) numbers was chagne hehe
  2. ok great new site look nice. but can somebody can tell me where i can download the latest nightly build? when i go into download section on http://dev.modxvm.com/xvm/commits/all i have only "There are no files available to download" i can only download "Branches" in gz, zip, bz2 but when i unpack it`s not look like the old xvm nightly ;)
  3. hi Caryon can you give me your .cfg file? i try do something like you but i can`t :/ i will be glad ;)
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