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  1. okey i will try it so i write ur command in the data xvm.xc.sample.. and change the data to xvm.xc right? well i tried many things i start to understand what u wanna tell me and after all i get the system wich data is the normal chosen config. actually i dont use this xvm.xc.sample... i use the normal config data which is given in res mods/ xvm/configs/@default/@xvm.xc but finally it doesnt work :/ i set playerstatistics to true and loged in to battles to check it but it doesnt work. after all i set auto log in to true i think that is the simplest way to check if it works. but nothing happen... dont know what to do :(
  2. Im already using the latest version of xvm what do u mean with config? how can i select configs? furthermore do i need dokan yet? i've got it installed but im not sure if i realy need it
  3. Hey guys all in all the mod is great u do a good job. everything is working but since the update, think it was 8.8, i cant see any stats either all things are set up to true. Im not realy familiar with notepad and all that stuff so i hope u can help me. i think i use following xvm doc res mods/xvm/configs/sirmax.xc i dont understand the information about xvm.xc.sample. Well my question is what do i have to do that i can see player statistics?
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