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  1. The people who created the WN8 rating are completely separate from XVM. I say this as the one who built half of WN8. Wargaming's API does not supply spotting/tracking damage data, and since WN8 is designed to be an account-wide rating, it can only use data from the API. In the future, if Wargaming adds that data to the API, then we may be able to use it in a rating system. Be aware that WN8 is terrible for single battles. Also, the particular thing you are looking at is a session statistics mod, which is also completely disjoint from XVM.
  2. This isn't an XVM issue. Asking here won't solve anything. You will just have to try contacting the admins of the other websites again.
  3. Well, the tool can output up to 10000 lines, and I've checked the consistency of the output. It has exactly the same form as the surrounding colour sets such as "wn6" and "kb". The last config I used, however, had one colour step every 50 points of WN8 (WN8 = 0, 50, 100, 150, etc), up to a maximum of 6000, and it just stopped everything in XVM from working. I will upload the default config and the modified config. UPDATE: I found the issue. There is a single missing " on every line. -_- Tested and working fine. :)
  4. I am trying to make a tool which allows users to set gradient colour schemes for WN8 in XVM (meaning lots more steps), but it seems like it can't use more than 10 colours. Is this actually a limit? What can I do?
  5. I want people to stop coming to the conclusion that we don't know how it works or that we just added things because they correlate. It's fucking infuriating when people attribute their own faults and ignorance about the entire subject of statistics to someone else.
  6. I wrote an algorithm which attempts to predict the most likely distribution of damage, etc, across the played tanks. Link. (Is this what you mean?) This is for the API version. The more accurate version uses dossier files. I also think people should refer to the API version as "EVBE" (Estimated VBE).
  7. Well, I actually meant just in case someone wanted to compare their own skill in Medium Tanks against Tank Destroyers, or if they wanted to look at their skill in all vehicles except arty; just for personal comparison. The actual player's rating will be overall, with every tank played included, and weighted by the number of battles in the tank.
  8. For example, if a player wants to measure his 'skill' in his favourite tanks, he can select them using checkboxes or whatever (which would depend on the program/website used to calculate it). If a certain player's favourite tanks are the E 75, Pz B2 and T49 (for example), then he could select them from the list and get a VBE score for those tanks only. Otherwise, predefined sets will be available, such as vehicle tiers, classes, or battle tiers. There is a detailed description of how the system will work right now, just no actual final formulae. (there are formulae which show how the system will look, just nothing about how much each stat will be weighted) [link]
  9. I should ask this: How many people here have read and understood my proposal for VBE? After reading through the replies about WN9/VBE in this thread, it looks like some people are aware of how it will work. :) Re: selection of tanks for the rating: I think I already suggested selection of tanks individually, but I may be wrong. I was definitely thinking about it, though, and I meant to post the idea in the "filter / weighting" post.
  10. As of now, WN9 as been renamed to VBE (Vehicle-Based Efficiency) because it is vastly different from all previous WN ratings.
  11. They aren't in XVM yet. WN8 may be implemented soon at some point, but I don't think it's decided yet. Also, VBE isn't anywhere near finished. You need macros in XVM to be able to have it work, because they link to information stored on the XVM servers. It doesn't calculate it on your end. ;) Also, WN8A is now just called WN8 and WN8D was renamed to WN9D, and now VBE. - bjshnog, VBE creator
  12. Hello! It's good that there is a thread for WN8 and WN9 now. I just came back to this forum to check on the WN6 / WN7 thread, but then I saw a more relevant thread. I suppose I'll just leave this here: ⟪WN9D⟫ Development + ⟪WN9⟫ Information. WN9D is to be used on websites like vbaddict.net and programs like WoT Statistics, because it uses stats for each tank. The last part of the WN9 calculation algorithm will be identical to that of WN9D, but since stats per tank are not available through the API, it contains an algorithm which will attempt to reconstruct stats per tank with the limited data. That stat separating algorithm can be found here.
  13. Just a note: WN8 won't be out for long before WN9 comes out, so maybe it's not a good idea to put it in XVM. You're better off waiting for WN9. :) (translate please)
  14. WN8 seems to be close to completion... An important thing to say is that unicums and real super-unicums will see massive increases in WN8 from WN7, but the average will stay about the same.
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