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  1. After deleting and reinstalling xvm and config (did that before) it works as intended. Thanks for replay anyway and keep up this nice config.
  2. Hi, sadly the config is not working anymore with latest ( 9.2.2_0001) build of xvm. I always get a red square in the uppe left corner. reverting back to 9.2.1_0003 fix it for now. Any idea what's causing the problem?
  3. Hi, is it possible to move the capture bar and the personal mission progress seperately from each other? They seem to be linked.
  4. Post can be deletet, there was mod i've missed to delete wich caused the problem. Sorry
  5. I've tried latest l10n, but still some entries wrong: "No data": "Keine Daten", "Not ready": "Nicht bereit", "": "Neue Version verfügbar", "": "Angriff", "": "diclovit", "": "Status: <font color='#00FF00'>Aktiv</font>", "": "Verbleibende Tage:<tab/><font color='#eeeeee'>{0}</font>", "": "Verbleibende Stunden:<tab/><font color='#ffff00'>{0}</font>", "": "Abrufe:<tab/><font color='#eeeeee'>{0}</font>" } } Every time when hitlog is empty and defaultheader is set "", it'll write Abrufe:<tab/><font color='#eeeeee'>{0}</font> instead of nothing. Edit: Just looked into other translations and it's in all files i've looked so far. the only exception is the orginal english file.
  6. Hi, in german Translation file are some Errors like missing entries and some blank translated entries. Since i don't know if there is a website where all translations go, i'll post a correct version for 5.3.5 here. de.xc
  7. Yes, it was enabled. I've changed $FieldFont to Arial and made it a seperat textfield and now it's working.... hopefully. (didn't see a 2+ gunmark player since then). Anyway, thanks for help and quick respond. sadly, that's not possible. " must be XVMSymbol font, but i don't the like look of numbers of that font
  8. Hi, when i declare GunMarks Macro with "gunMarks": { "_0": "", "_1": "1", "_2": "2", "_3": "3" } and use it in markersalivenormal.xc with "format": ""<font face='$FieldFont'> {{gun-marks}}</font>" it should write nothing/1/2 or 3 next to the " symbol, right? But in real it only shows squares and no numbers.
  9. Hi, first of all, great Mod! I cloudn't find the de.xc translationfile for XVM and so i translated it so that you and the others can use it. Also the %DATE% dosn't work . de.xc
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