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  1. text.xc thingy works indeed! - thanks! wonder why it was disabled by xvm team :/
  2. Dumadidak , Since I saw your post, was it last year or so i am using some of your carousel ideas! Only i can say is godo job!! Is there a thread or something with your new carousel mod, or if you can post it here perhaps? This is what i have so far: thanks
  3. Hi Guys, Is it only me or general user stats are not available any more in latest dev build for 9.10? thanks http://www.serdarevic.net/screens/2015-09-04_12-08-58.png
  4. Hi guys I have started 9.9 Vanilla, before i put any mods/xvm As i remember i clicked vanilla check-mark to remove domination tanks, now with xvm installed, i cannot get those tanks back at all any ideas? thanks disregard,.. not sure what happened, but Domination tanks are in garage now.
  5. Yups, looks like "extraFieldsLeft": [], is the problem Once i put custom values in [ ] , i get errors
  6. Hi guys, Once i replace my old Playerspanel.xc , none config is loaded , i guess something in Playerspanel.xc is not compatible with 9.9 xvm can you please check it thanks playersPanel.xc
  7. Not really sure what it is related to. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! xvm.log python.log
  8. My bad, i am sorry about this,... something wasn't in place, i deleted all and extracted file again, and it is showing fine! Thanks Helkar for trying out!
  9. This is latest - complete res_mods im using https://cloud.serdarevic.net/public.php?service=files&t=HBLLD2Nr7RVq8Xj python.log xvm.log
  10. Hi guys, Not sure if im doing something wrong, but - i dont see any difference with/without tooltips I even put latest build to test, but nothing has changed. i have tooltips in my xvm.xc file and tooltips.xc file any ideas?
  11. Wow this was quick! Best support/dev team ever! Thanks Sir Sir Max and all in xvm dev team! EDIT:
  12. Thank you Sir Sir Max! So i figure it will be added in future?
  13. Maybe i didnt explain propery what i need :) Need Locked timer moved down if possible
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